On-Page Local SEO Templates & Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 29, 2017

Did you know that your best potential customers are your neighbors? That is the reason why most web search engines include results based on a user’s real-world geographic location. This is due to the fact that it is easier to establish a relationship of trust with a neighbor than it is to do with an online shop located on the other side of the nation. Therefore, the following advice will help you to improve the local SEO of your company on Google and benefit from these local connections.

As a business you need to consider a few steps to improve your local SEO. First, you need to register in local directories. These directories will promote your business for web searches about your business activities that are done in your area. These tools and methods will improve your company’s local SEO.

If you have not already done so, register with specialized directories such as the Yellow Pages to improve your Google SEO and your local SEO. However, be sure that you do not register on directories hat are banned by Google or on low quality directories as this could negatively affect your positioning on the search engine. The information you enter in the directories must be the same as the information you have entered on Google My Business. A small mistake might affect your positioning.

Another important step is to create a Google My Business account. This tool allows you to significantly increase your local search engine ranking on the most popular search engine. If you are a local trader, you must use this indispensable tool offered by the Google giant.

To be more precise, a Google My Business account allows you to stand out among the top three results in the local results area when a customer does a search on Google. Google My Business thereby lets you reach out to people in your neighborhood. Registration is simple and you can easily update your information to keep your customers informed of the latest changes to your business.

Another useful step is to organize a local Adwords campaign. These campaigns allow you to target your local customers by focusing on a particular geographic area. Google AdWords offers you the opportunity to create an ad campaign to promote your business. You may do that through the use of a local Adwords campaign that targets specific keywords on the Google search engine.

Also, adapt your website to take advantage of local SEO. If you are a business and have more than one branch, it is recommended that you create a separate page for each branch. You may also create two distinctive websites to improve the local SEO of each branch. For good local SEO results, clearly display your contact information on each page of your website as well as the regions you serve.

Make sure you choose your keywords carefully. For example, if you own a PC Repair business in New York’s Manhattan area, your keywords should be: “”PC Repair New York”” or “”PC Repair Manhattan”” to improve the accuracy of your local SEO. This advice applies for the content of your website and for your Adwords campaigns. The choice of your keywords must include a real-world geographic location to improve your local SEO results.