On Page Off Page Local SEO Checklist

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 15, 2018

For both on page SEO and off page SEO, there is a myriad of things you need to be aware of. Remember, when a newcomer gets a lot of links and climbs slowly and surely in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), it is frequently the case that they did a lot more than just rely on merely putting up a page and hoping that people would link to it. Also, there is a fair amount of money to be made if SEO is implemented correctly.

It is therefore natural to see a lot of companies coming to this market. Nowadays, we understand more and more the importance of the freshness of the material you put on the web. That means that you need to be always creating new pages with new content if you wish to rank highly on the SERP.

Also, what you want to do is to have links from sites that have a certain level of notoriety. If you are in this market, an SEO audit will help you to find out how to write your content to get links that will boost your site’s popularity and a methodology to keep improving your SEO. Before defining the amount of the audit quote that a company should offer, you should always make sure that they perform a crawl (a scan) of your website.

Remember, the quality of the writings and discussions that you may have with an SEO company should not be defined solely by a quote, but, on the other hand, a quote should be an essential element in your collaboration. However, the quality does not necessarily increase proportionally to the hourly rate. Also, you should ask yourself: “If your page must be positioned on a keyword X, what does the SERP of this keyword X look like?”

Remember, once you have your pages highly ranked online, you will need to regularly monitor their rank if you wish to keep your hard-won SEO victory. This fact is a hard-to-understand component for many customers who imagine that by putting X amount in for a few months, they should have the right to be ahead of a competitor who has been working on SEO for years. SEO knowledge is also changing, and today, even many neophytes are aware that a linking profile must be worked on if you wish to succeed.

If your site is young, and its content is taken up by a website with a lot more seniority and popularity, your original page may be demoted under the copy, since the algorithm then decided that your domain was less relevant. Also, remember that sites that abuse optimized anchors may sometimes suffer SEO penalties. The locations of the links on a page also have an impact on your SEO.

By searching, you can find forums for your links. However, you should be careful when using forum signatures. These are “site-wide” links that immediately activate Google’s filters and thereby penalize the ranking of these links.

I do not believe that I know all the secrets of how search engines work, or even that I am the most highly qualified authority on the matter. However, as an expert on SEO, I have developed my opinion on topics I am regularly consulted on. Remember, if you are the head of a start-up in a major metropolitan area, and you are exhausted trying to compete with national SMEs on the web, there is no better sanctuary than local SEO. For a smooth start, you can also use a “newsjacking” strategy to merely report the news that a local event exists and thereby help to promote it.