Optimizing Multiple Locations for Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 10, 2016

Whether you have a franchise business or you just operate multiple locations, you still have a great deal to worry about after the Google Pigeon update. Local search engine optimization is more important than ever. If you want to maximize the visibility that all of your locations have on the Internet, then you must treat each location like its own individual local shop. However, you still need the ability to create a cohesive web of information for the major search engines to index. Here are some of the best tips for optimizing multiple locations for local search engine optimization.

Local Linking Strategy

Remember that all of your franchise locations have a physical storefront that requires foot traffic from that area. For each local website, solicit reviews and testimonials from that local area. Make sure that localized keywords are placed into those reviews and testimonials so that the major search engines will connect that physical location with that website.

Any links that you have that particular website should include those localized keywords. The consistency will help the major search engines to place that website in a particular physical location, improving its ranking within local search.

Make sure that any website that links to any of your local franchise locations has a good page rank. As a real, you should look to date up when it comes to inbound links to your website. Only accept those links that have a better Google PageRank than your website. This includes linking from other franchise locations that you own to a local website that is doing particularly well. You may actually be able to improve your best performers by taking away some links from your low performing websites.

Using Local Directories

Do not be afraid to put each of your locations in a separate directory based on locale. If you have your California office in a California directory and your Arizona office in a different directory, this is exactly what you should be doing. Ubiquity is never a bad thing is long as all of your websites are properly indexed. As a matter of fact, this actually increases the trust factor of your brand with the major search engines. Google is especially nice to websites that have a properly indexed franchise format. Forget having one listing on page one of Google – you may be able to take up the entire first page with the proper directory listings!

Centralizing a Keyword Campaign

Although you want to localize all of your keywords for each individual franchise location, you want to have an overall campaign of general keywords. Choosing these keywords can be difficult. Many different keywords ring bells in different parts of the country or around the world. You may need to have a meeting of the best performing franchise locations and compromise on keywords that will work best over the entire business.

Whatever keywords you end up choosing should be in all header tags and picture tags. Make sure that all of your tags are consistent across all of your websites. This is the way that you will clue the major search engines to index your website as a franchised business while keeping each individual page in its local place. This strategy will help you to show up in local search listings as well as globalized listings, lifting the ranking of all of your websites at once.