Organic Local SEO Optimization Checklist

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 12, 2018

Here are some aspects of your site that you need to look at to improve your local SEO. First of all, you should be careful not to use the same material multiple times on your site. This issue is often a common cause of the bad positioning of some pages, especially in e-commerce, when several places sell identical products.

This problem means that for some sites, more than half of the site is duplicated because of sites that copy content from other parts of the same website. Duplicated material may also be caused by content that you have written by a partner (a blogger for example) that he has published on his site and that you have also released on your own; sites that use databases of content, used by several websites; several sites that sell the same products, and who filled in their description with the description of the supplier; etc. Also, with your site you have an excellent opportunity to win users over, so do not waste it by writing an article too quickly and ending up with a useless piece.

As an illustration: If you are a shop in New York, it is recommended to have a small part of your site be optimized anchors of the type ” shop in New York.” Then, use a greater number of semi-optimized anchors such as “go to a shop in New York” or “buy from a shop in New York” and all the rest should be generic anchors, such as the name of your shop. The same goes for salespeople looking for language elements capable of attracting the interest of their prospects.

It can not be repeated enough, a site that offers quality content to the user is likely to meet, at least in part, the requirements of search engines. Backlinks are also a lever you may use to drive traffic to your site. Therefore, backlinks are an aspect that it is important not to neglect. However, we must be careful in setting up a strategy of acquisition of backlinks.

To audit the potential of a website and to help you in your search for backlinks, you should also remember that several local SEO tools are at your disposal. With all the data released by Google, should I still need to remind you of the importance of creating external links to better position itself on Google and other search engines?

If you discover the world of local SEO and do not know how to distinguish an excellent regional SEO strategy from a bad one, take your time to learn how your local SEO strategy will be implemented really. Look at how your keywords will be positioned and make a list of backlinks. Also, you should work on creating a report dealing with how your local SEO strategy will work with regards to content, technique, popularity, and competition.

This report should be both an inventory of the situation and a basis for improving the SEO of the site. After completion, you must implement the recommendations and provide optimization work over the long term. The nature of your website also determines how difficult your local SEO strategy will be to achieve. You can imagine that the site of a local store is less challenging when implementing a regional SEO strategy than that of Amazon.

Also, you have the option to take advantage of local events – and of course, there are many ways to do this. Remember, messages about local attractions can be viral for locals who want to know more about events in their area, so do not miss this opportunity to appeal to them. Finally, you can also use local content to improve the loyalty and recognition of locals who already know you.