Part 2: Effective Local SEO Tips: The Value of Quality Links

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 01, 2017

Anyone involved in online marketing knows the importance of quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) links. Whilst the proprietary tools employed by search engines remain inaccessible to us, the centrality of links to the algorithms employed is inescapable. In short, Links are the “popularity votes in online polls”.

Local SEO links denotes the relevance of links to a given topic or interest area. Whilst a link is generally relevant, reference to it by sites majoring in the topic of interest elevates its importance. For example, when searching for a car, a link from Automobiles Association is preferable to a random review from a landscaping blog.

Value of Quality SEO Links

Some of the benefits accruing from quality local SOE links include:
Ranking: Search engines rely on the quality of links to rank websites. Being linked to websites of positive standing and technical competence gives credibility to the website, thereby uplifting its ranking.

Branding: One can always tell a character by the type of friends affiliated to them. Generally, spam/poor quality web pages tend to be linked to other spam/poor quality web pages. By linking with high quality local SEO’s, a business builds its brand through the association.

Networking /Relationship building: In building online links with other websites, one builds an extensive network of business contacts. For instance, a seed company links with a fertilizer company where they share marketing ideas and business referrals.

Referral Traffic: The objective of any marketing venture such as the building of high quality local SEO links is to generate traffic and grow sales. Good links result in increased hits and sales for the website.

Content is, and will always be king. If your site is to become the go-to site, make the content worth the trip. Well-researched, compiled and presented content will earn recognition. The use of appropriate anchor text/link text is key to enhancing the ranking of your website. Simply speaking, anchor text is the way other websites view you, thus reflecting their understanding of your position.

When it comes to local SEO, one of the best ways of building links is through relationships with the owners of reputable websites. Old school network marketing still works online. Search engines rely on links to discover and rank pages. It is, therefore, important for an online marketer to build quality local SEO links in order to gain from the online market. With these in place, you can rest assured of better ranking and this would translate to higher traffic to your site.