Part 3: Effective Local SEO Tips: Using Social Media to Establish Authority

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 03, 2017

Search Engine Optimization and social media marketing are firmly interlaced strategies that cannot be separated. They are inbound approaches that focus on creating an attractive identity to users. The efforts you put on SEO can improve your social media reach since it depends on a strong, visible brand presence and high-quality content. As a result, your presence in social media can significantly boost your search rankings. The social media strategies below are necessary when seeking to establish authority and improve your SEO.

Optimize Your Posts for Opportunities

Optimizing the searches of your posts depends on the pre-existing content, and it also opens another search channel. Many search engines tend to favor famous social media updates in the upper sections of their SERPs in addition to knowledge graph entries and news articles. It is, therefore, an important way to use when optimizing your posts for the opportunities.

Raise the Number of Your Followers

Growing the number of your followers is a slow but efficient process depending on your consistency. Keep your users frequently updated as you present your brands consistently and uniquely. Ensure that you post helpful tips, useful articles, general discussion items, and open inquiries. You can then involve your users by engaging them in direct conversation. These are essential in building and maintaining a vast and interactive followership as the users are encouraged to visit again. Eventually, you will build your authority for potential new followers.

Make Use of External Links

Social media is useful in SEO as it supports external sites to link to your content. Your authority in the search engines will increase the diversity of your external links. However, you must have reliable and high-quality content to attract links. Use hashtags to increase visibility for initial appearance then bring your content into discussions. The hashtags will serve as keywords; therefore, it is vital to make them relevant to your business.

Use the Appropriate Social Media

You should create an online profile but only for the main social media. This will enable you get comprehensive knowledge of the social site, thus, saving your time. It is also important to take part on social media platforms that will produce relevant online traffic. Make your clients know where they can find you once you have chosen the right social media for your business.

Employ Content Generated by Users

The comments and reviews of the users can be a source of information on their preferences such as colors, models, sizes, or specific uses. You can, therefore, encourage current customers to generate content by running contests and promotions. For instance, you can create a contest for your followers to leave a review on your social media page or post photos with your products using a given hashtag for an opportunity to win a prize. The viral effect will lead to new publicity of your products.

The execution of campaigns and well-run social media profiles will attract valuable traffic to your website. If your business gets good followership on the social media, it will contribute to high-ranking of the site in the search engine result pages (SERPs) depending on the traffic signals. As a result, you will be establishing authority and building trust with your clients by providing relevant and up-to-date content.