Proper Way To Setup a Google My Business Page

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 19, 2015

If you have a strong presence online in any way at all, it’s likely there’s a good chance that you’re listed in Google’s search results. Are you ranking well? Where are you at? Towards the bottom when your name is searched on?

Research shows that over 75 percent of consumers today use ‘search’ to connect with other local area businesses. More than 90 percent of their clicks will lead to a result on page one, and over 60 percent of search users will end up on a page listed somewhere in the top three. Creating a Google My Business Page will give you the chance to dramatically increase your visibility factor concerning your local area business to show clear visual content and contact information.

In addition to revealing useful information to future prospects, more benefits of choosing to create a business page include the following:

• Another link to your site
• The ability to post special deals, videos, and photos
• Prominent, visually-appealing content

Ready to create your page? Here’s an easy step-by-step guideline on how to properly set up a Google My Business Page in less than 10 minutes:

1. Establish your ‘Place’ page.

For starters, you must have a Gmail account that you’re comfortable using to create a Google My Business Page. It’s not necessary that it’s obviously connected to your business. You will be asked to confirm your listing a little later on during the setup process. Be sure that you’re signed into this particular address and out of another Google account you may have and go to Google’s My Business Page site to begin for free.

2. List your particular business.

Once your account is created, you’ll be asked to enter the primary phone number of your business. Google will fetch any current contact data they may have on your business. During this phase of the process, you’ll be prompted to verify or add the following kinds of contact information:

• Main email address
• Home address
• Website URL
• Description of your business
• Up to five different categories for your business

Ideally, your business description should be keyword-rich so that when your potential clients use them to find your business in the search engines, you’ll come up. Write in a friendly, expressive tone. Keep in mind that it’s literally one of the most important things you’ll write since it will appear in the search engines for the whole world to see.

One key aspect to remember is to describe your business in such a way that it will entice your potential customers. In other words, write something so compelling that people can’t wait to click on it.

3. Confirm your listing

In order to prove that your business is literally reachable with the contact information given, Google will ask that you verify all your information with one of these methods:

• Text message
• Phone call
• Post card

No matter which method you decide on, your information has to match 100 percent to what you’ve added to your Google My Business Page profile. Obviously, it’s quicker to select a text message or phone call. However, you should receive a pin number no later than 3 weeks that you’ll directly input into your new account to get officially verified.

4. Use quality visual content to optimize your account profile.

Once your business listing is verified, you’re then free to enhance your presence with your original content if you like. You’re allowed to add as many as 10 photos and 5 YouTube videos without any charge. Make sure you use high-quality, high-resolution images that reflect your brand in a positive manner and display your products and people in the best manner possible.

5. Regularly monitor your profile.

Monitor your profile by adding discounts and deals, while closely monitoring the score of your reviews. Too many low ratings may negatively impact your ability to gain new customers. Ask the promoters of your brand to share their thoughts and feelings regarding your service and even ways on how to improve it.

If you’re online at all, you need a Google My Business Page to enhance your brand and gain the maximum amount of potential customers.