Secrets To Success: Every Local SEO Blogger Should Know

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 05, 2018

About Your SEO Blog
In order to have a successful SEO blog, it is good to know how to get the best rankings. There are various guides online that can help you to create your blog if you are new to blogging. The great thing about blogging is that it Is inexpensive or even free to create a blog. After the blog is created, you want to be sure that people read it. In order to do that, you want to make a blog that is SEO friendly, use official templates, add plug-ins, and use efficient strategies to optimize keyword and meta-value searches. Below are five useful tips to help you to have a successful SEO blog.

#1 Format Your Post
Formatting is highly valuable when it comes to the search engine rankings of your post. By keeping the number of characters in that post title to 50 and removing stop words from Permalink, your post can receive higher rankings. When you are writing your post, use Permalink to remove Stop Words manually. Next, you can also select Permalink to edit the way you would like.

#2 Format Images For SEO
By adding alt tags and title tags to every image in WordPress, you can optimize the images on your blog. This optimization strategy is simple to do by using your plug-ins. You want to insert the tags manually after you upload each image.

#3 Always Use Meta-tags
Meta tags are HTML tags that are generated and used to identify description, title, and more in-depth details of any URL. This can make an impact on targeted keywords, because these all play a role when it comes to SEO’s for a blog. If you want to target certain keywords, make sure you include those keywords in your footer text, description, and title.

#4 Maintain A Well Balanced Keyword Density
In order for you to get the best ranking for your blog, keyword density is king. If you do not have enough keywords, your SEO rankings will definitely suffer, but if you put too much, it will be overly optimized. It is best to maintain a ratio of 2% per post, but the density that you may choose can vary. You want to publish articles that correlate with the post title and only include the keywords that are needed in that post. Be sure to not overuse keywords in order to manipulate search engines, because it will not have the desired effect. When you are finished writing, go over your post to see if there are any locations where you can discreetly put keywords without being distracting.

#5 Format The Comment Section Of Your Blog
You want to make sure that the comment section of your blog is moderated and closely watched in order to avoid comments that may be spam. When you are replying to readers try to include keywords from your post. This will help to raise your keyword density naturally, and it will raise your SEO rankings. A good idea is to integrate Google Plus comment in your blog. By using this tool, you will be able to have more social media interaction and more shares of your post.

Get Your Blog Right
A blog is a great way to share your tips and experience. If your blog is not ranked appropriately, no one will ever know that it exists. It is best to do all that you can so that your SEO blog is fully optimized, in that way, your potential clients and followers will be able to find you easily.