SEO Tips for 2016

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 15, 2016
If you have a business or an organization that relies on local customers, it is significant to make use of local SEO. Local SEO entails subsections of search engine optimization that enhance the population in your area to find you on the search engines. Talking about search engines is highly related to Google. It is crucial for your business to have a local SEO plan since many consumers rely on the Internet to get information on making purchasing decisions. Let us look at the most significant tips you need for local SEO in 2016.

Apply Mobile Optimization
Currently, web developers no longer consider mobile friendly website design discretionary but obligatory. Many people are using mobile device searches more than desktops and Laptops as it was the case in past years. In any case, website mobile friendliness has become one of the google ranking factor. Allowing people to have a mobile experience in your website will enhance additional conversions, thereby generating more income. Mobile friendly websites also allow your websites to make a great prospect that makes shopping on mobile an exceptional experience.

Make Use of Social Content
In modern days, content from social media, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram among others has gained a lot of significance in search engine results pages in SEO locally under mobile searching. Currently, approximately 76 % of marketers are making use of social media in enhancing and boosting SEO. This means that in 2016, you must do all you can to ensure that you use social media and the posts must also be ranked higher in search engine results pages. Several social media are being indexed on Google among other common search engines like Bing. Therefore, social media content will boost your pages for maximum visibility locally.

Use Voice Search
In addition to making use of social media and mobile friendly websites, voice search is a significant way of enhancing local SEO. Several people are making use of this feature, especially on their mobile devices, such as smartphones to find businesses, products and services they require. This feature is important for some people because it helps them in multi-tasking, like getting an order at the same time driving or others find it convenient to speak via phone than typing. Whichever the case, in trying to hook up many customers, your business needs to make use of this optimization feature. This means that you need to shift your keywords to align with voice search friendly phrases. According to the Search Engine Journal, user follow up questions are also going to become a common voice in search engines.

Incorporate Direct Data
The use of direct data in search engine results pages requires that businesses need to provide more detailed information about themselves and their products to enable them to get a top slot on the search engines. In using direct data, you will ensure that granular information is seen with business listing in the search engine data. For instance, if you search for a hotel near you, the results will indicate the location, phone number and prices, among other details that are important to the consumer.

In conclusion, the SEO industry is going through several transformations. Initially, much effort was concentrated on link building and technical SEO. The introduction of mobile search and other technologies is making alterations in the sector. As local organizations, you all need to find ways of ensuring your clients are listed in the search results.