Seven Local SEO Content Tactics

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 10, 2016

The Benefits of Local SEO Content Tactics
Local businesses have many advantages when their website or blog content is based on SEO style guides and formats. Seven local SEO content tactics that can capture a wider audience include:
1. Focus on local-oriented keywords
2. Increased use of visuals and graphics
3. Greater local B2B and B2C targeting
4. Use of local search engines for data mining new target markets
5. Local product and/or service customer reviews
6. Increased focus on local business ranking
7. Local links to extended social media venues

1. Focus on Local-oriented Keywords
SEO for local businesses has the distinct advantage of use of locally recognized keywords. Choose keywords that are highlight a city or town’s basic geographical features. One example is New York City. Keywords like Big Apple, SoHo or TriBeCa are readily identifiable in local SEO content and make searches for businesses faster and easier.

2. Increased Use of Visuals and Graphics
In order for local SEO content to be proactive, the content should include a certain percentage of visuals and/or graphical representations of products and services. Customize these to suit the local focus. Highlight features of the business through the use of visuals and graphics that draw customer attention quickly. These features might include “onsite” services or “work in progress” visuals as well as staff and technicians who are the first contacts with customers. Don’t forget to make the content “customer convenient” by providing online ordering and offering most locally accepted payment methods like credit cards and local banks. However, it is important to fully check the credentials of the sources of these payment methods.

3. Greater Local B2B and B2C Targeting
When choosing local SEO content strategies, it is important to include B2B and B2C elements. Try linking local vendors to products and services. For example, include courier services, equipment and raw materials vendors to local SEO content to create a full picture of the embodiment of the business on a community level. Address the B2C element by including customer referrals that focus on business quality, customer service and performance.

4. Use of Local Search Engines for Data mining New Target Markets
The scope of local business needn’t be limited to a single area. Use local search engines of major browsers to data mine new target markets to increase customer interest. Take the time to connect with and link local businesses to create a useful network. For example, create related local networks for legal, real estate, financial management and hospitality businesses. Ref:

5. Local product and/or service customer reviews
Localized target markets always feel the need to trust the businesses they choose for products and services. Include local product and/or service customer reviews in content to secure the local customer base. Local customers are more likely to trust customer reviews from within their communities than product reviews from outside their regional area. Ref:

6. Increased Focus on Local Business Ranking
Among the seven local SEO content tactics to consider is increased focus on business ranking at the local level. By empowering local SEO content through comprehensively designed business website content, business ranking reaches new heights in the business and customer community.

7. Local links to extended social media venues
For local businesses, digital marketing should be designed to facilitate local links to extended social media venues. Study the types of local social media venues are used most frequently. For savvy business owners, local social media is the ideal way to create core customer groups for start up and existing businesses. Keep digital marketing for these venues conceptually visual for best results.