Seven Online Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 30, 2017

Online marketing is important for small business owners. Here are seven online marketing tips for small business owners:

1. Design A Good Website:

The content on your page shouldn’t have any grammatical errors. It’s also important to choose wording that will draw in readers.

You should have graphics on your website that are designed to draw in readers. If you’re unfamiliar with web design, it may be a good idea to hire web design experts to help you design your website.

2. Market Your Business On Social Media:

Create a high-quality social media page for your business and advertise it. Luckily, social media websites usually help you advertise your business’ page. These advertisements generally appear as banner ads on the social media site.

3. Use Pay Per Click Ads:

You only pay for pay per click ads when someone clicks the link to your page, and this is a big advantage over many other types of online advertising. Major search engines offer two types of pay per click ads. One type of pay per click advertisement appears on the sides of web pages. They are called banner ads. You also can get pay per clicks ads that appear above search results. Placing advertisements above the search results is an exceptionally effective way to bring in traffic.

4. Use Keywords Properly:

When you choose your keywords, it’s essential to make sure that they have direct relevance to your business. If you have an offline business, some or all of your keywords should include your city or town’s name. This will draw in local web traffic. In addition, all of your keywords should be phrases that are at least four words long.

The keyword density of your website is extremely important. Your website’s keyword density should be anywhere between 1-3%.

5. Pay Close Attention To The Beginnings Of Your Pages:

The titles of your pages should be designed to draw in readers. The first 150-160 characters of your pages should also be written to draw in readers. Also, try to include a keyword in both the title and first 150-160 characters of the page.

6. Pay For Inclusion:

You can pay to have your website included into certain online listings. However, you should always carefully consider what the website is offering you and the amount that you’ll need to pay. There are many cases when it’s a good idea to pay for inclusion, but there are numerous cases when it isn’t.