Simple Local SEO Tips and Tricks For Small Businesses

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 01, 2017

Search engine optimization has become an essential tool in the 21st century for large and small businesses. Over 29 million small businesses in the United States rely on local SEO to increase foot traffic in your store by converting their local online visitors into prospective customers. Statistics show an increasing number of consumers who use their mobile devices to find a local business or services provided in the neighborhood. Therefore, a small business owner should be employing various ways to increase their online presence through SEO optimization. Below are some of the SEO tips for small businesses:

1) Optimize the information on your website

Google search engines aim at providing the user’s accurate answers to their questions. Therefore, businesses should give exact information about their location and services they offer. The domain name of your website should reflect the type of business and its location. Most small business owners make a mistake of including the NAP (name, address, and phone number) only on the homepage. However, it would be ideal to include the information on all pages in a website.

2) Establish local listing for your business

Some of the local listings that you can sign up for, other than Google, include Bing, Yahoo, Angie’s List, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, as well as White pages and local telephone directories. The listing should contain accurate and consistent NAP information about the business to maintain high rankings. Remember that multiple locations require multiple landing pages on the listings.

3) Encourage Reviews

Good reviews would rank your website higher up in the search engines. 92% of the customers in a business rely on online reviews to determine the kind of service that a business entity provides. Google relies on the user-generated content to rank websites. Therefore, every company should encourage positive and real reviews from their customers. Companies have used practical ways such as having staff remind their clients to leave a review and offering incentives to anyone who reviews their services.

4) Establish a good link earning opportunity

Linking your website to other sites and vice versa can dramatically increase business visibility on Google and other listings. Business can encourage people to share information on their social media sites as well as support linking from the neighborhood businesses. Remember that a good link strategy helps establish the credibility of business.

5) Build a good content development strategy

Relevant and exciting content attracts a higher traffic on your website. The content should target the local audience as well as news and events happening around them. Including place names of your local area on the titles and location, specific keywords help in the search engine optimization for your website.


Other tips that business owners should consider using include proper use of the social media, maintaining a good responsive site, making the website mobile friendly. Additionally, measuring your performance and targeting media coverage would dramatically increase your ranking on Google and other listings. Most of the tips do not require any income to employ hence ideal for most small-scale businesses that are still growing.