Simple Local SEO tips for small businesses

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 03, 2017

Search engine optimization is important to every company, especially smaller companies that operate locally. Each time an entrepreneur focuses their SEO efforts to a certain location, the competition is narrowed down, and now one can concentrate only on clients that realistically use the product or service.

As a small business owner, you need to understand how the internet works so that you can succeed and achieve your goals. We all know that a small business needs to get out and talk directly with the local community so as to make vital connections. However, there are other ways you can still get to your local customers through the internet.

SEO is often a challenge, especially for local business owners. Sometimes the entrepreneur doesn’t have a budget or know how they can use the internet like big corporations. These local SEO tips we shall discuss will make your marketing more efficient.

Get local listings

One of Google’s jobs is prioritizing information so that consumers can access it easily. When someone searches for something, there are hundreds of places Google can take you to. Search engines prioritize rankings through cross-referencing the different listing sources. This means that if your company if listed with services locally, you will likely make it to the top of Google’s results. Local citations and listing will build your credibility, and that’s what Google is looking for as it compiles its listings. Google will know that you are part of that community.

Keep publishing localized content

Posting fresh localized content regularly improves your capability to rank, especially if you use more relevant keywords. This results in more visibility on the major search engines as a result of higher rankings. Just make sure that the content is evergreen so that it can have a long shelf-life with the clients in the area you are targeting. Be sure to include hyperlinks to any appropriate local resources. This, not only improves its values to your readers, but it can also drive more traffic to the site especially if those sites link back.

Get reviews

Online searches are treated by customers as a vetting process. Other than looking for phone numbers and physical addresses, customers are also looking for reviews from other consumers. The positive reviews you get will improve your rankings as well as your conversation rate from the searches. Your capability to get positive reviews will depend on the type of business your run. You can choose to offer incentives to clients who leave their reviews. This is an example of how offline and online marketing can work hand in hand.

Be optimized for mobile

Most local searches will be done on the go. This means that users will be searching using their tablets and cellphones. Your site should be fully responsive and be able to appear on any device. If your website is fully optimized, users will be able to browse using their tablets, phones, and computers. This means they will find you no matter where they’re searching from. An optimized site will also keep you on top of search result lists.