Six Important Tips To Ensure That Your Keywords Improve Your Local SEO Strategy

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 06, 2017

1. Use The Right Keywords:

Don’t have one of your local SEO keywords be the name of your city or a another one, two, or three word phrase. It’s best if all your local SEO keywords are phrases at least four words long. Most internet searches are made using phrases of at least four words. The keywords should be something that people would be likely to type in to look for your services.doing business in. This will ensure that you bring local traffic to your website.

2. Have The Right Keyword Density:

Between 1-3% of your website should consist of keywords. Your keyword density should never exceed 3%. Search engines often remove websites from their results entirely if they consist of more than 3% keywords.

3. The Keywords Should Fit Into The Content Naturally:

It’s important that the keywords don’t disrupt the flow of your content. It can take a bit of practice to learn to do this though. If you aren’t sure how to place keywords in the content naturally, it may be a good idea to work with an SEO expert or content writer who is knowledgeable about SEO.

4. Change Your Keyword List Periodically:

You should always continue to do research on who tends to visit your site. Use this information to modify your keyword list as needed.

5. Don’t Just Use One Keyword:

Websites rarely rank well when only one keyword is used. It’s best to start with at least several local SEO keywords, and then add more over the course of time as you create additional pages. However, you should never haphazardly add to the keyword list just to increase the number of keywords.

It’s good to have a series of similar keywords. This can mean using the keyword(s) in both singular and plural form or changing the order of the words in the phrase. However, it’s a good idea to also use a series of keywords that are close synonyms to each other.

6. Place The Keywords Strategically:

It’s important that you place keywords in the right parts of the website. It’s a good idea to have a keyword in the title. Keywords should be included near the beginning of your website’s content. It’s also important to spread around the location of the keywords in the content. It also can be a good idea to include a keyword in the URL.