Six tips for actionable Local SEO Copywriting

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 03, 2018

SEO copywriting has evolved. Today, organizations are combining numerous techniques to enhance visibility, readability and the overall ranking of their content. Some organizations have learned and put into action content creation and mining tips that have helped them grow in their digital marketing strategies. Great content is the primary means by which to optimize your ranking on search engines. Here are more tips to help you gain optimally from SEO copywriting.

Use of multiple Keywords and long tails

In SEO copywriting, keywords refer to words and phrases that make it easier for people to find your content on search engines. Keywords help to connect visitors to the website because there are specific, targeted and relevant.It, therefore, goes that the more relevant your keywords are, the easier it is for visitors to find information and the more traffic your website will attract.

The most important thing is for you to know how searchers are looking for information. That is to say, know the terms and phrases people are they using and “speak their language.”

At the same time, make your content more specific by adding long tails. For instance, if you are posting information about SEO in New York City, you may add long tails such as verified consultants; agencies; copywriters, etc.

Enhance Content Readability

Great content is best backed up by readable writing formats. Shorter sentences, shorter informative paragraphs, using highlighters such as bullets, subheadings, bold texts and italics among others are some of the most effective ways of improving readability. While at it, be sure to observe high levels of grammar and spelling rules. Spelling, punctuation and other grammatical errors reduce a reader’s level of trust on your content.

Use of Catchy Hooks

The number of content published online is on the rise. With more than 2.7 million blog posts getting live online every day, there has to be something that is awesomely unique about what you publish that will make readers more inclined to you. Including case studies. Personal experiences and factual surveys are some of the best ways to make your content great. Importantly, focus on originality while still combining the ideas of others which can be accessed by hyperlink.

Linking to authoritative sites and authors is particularly important. Google uses this as one of its methods of verifying the accuracy of information provided in a particular post. In addition, quoting authoritative sources gives you an opportunity to network, especially if your content stands out.

Make your Headlines head turning!

Amid competition from so many other blogs, readers will naturally fall for a headline that is interesting and promises to deliver the kind of information they seek. If you cannot impress your potential readers in the first ten seconds, you are at a higher risk of losing them all the same. Placing the keyword phrase in your title makes it easier for readers to relate to your content.

Use of Meta Tag Descriptions

Meta tag descriptions are short summaries in sentences or paragraphs that appear right under the blue clickable links in a search engine result page. Although they are not directly related to ranking on Google, meta tag descriptions are a good way of gaining a high Click-through-rate (CTR).Ultimately, more clicks could lead to better ranking on search engines.

Monitor your performance

Google Analytics gives you an opportunity o track the performance of your content within a given time frame. With aspects such as bounce rate and time-on-site, you can closely follow on how readers interact with your website. A high drop off followed by a low average time spent on the page, for instance, could be an indicator that your content wasn’t helpful or relevant.

As technology becomes more and more integrated, businesses are finding it to interact with interactive with players in their industry.SEO has become an essential backbone of the performance of businesses in relation to digital marketing. With proper practices online, your efforts to enhance your visibility could be greatly rewarding. Some of the SEO tips discussed here are also applicable in the use of social media platforms. Punchy headlines on Facebook, for example, attracts a lot of attention and is a good way of generating leads.