Streamline Your Local SEO Efforts

Written by: Jason Bayless | May 28, 2016

Smaller local business often lack the financial resources needed to compete with larger companies and more established organizations. Content based marketing strategies and SEO advertising techniques can be a terrific asset for businesses seeking the means to establish themselves within a local market. An effective marketing strategy is essential for organizations seeking to enhance their brand, attract and acquire new customers or improve revenue and optimize profitability. Streamlining existing SEO efforts can be of major benefit for organizations seeking to enhance the effectiveness and quality of results a marketing strategy may be able to provide.

Incorporating Local Tends and Events Into a Content-marketing Strategy

Franchise businesses, chain stores and larger organizations that find themselves saddled with the limitations of a regional or even national marketing strategy often provide local businesses with a major competitive advantage. Crafting SEO and online content to feature local events or capitalize on consumer trends that may be area-specific can boost exposure and improve the effectiveness of posted content. Marketing content and efforts that make use of a tighter more narrowly focused approach are far more likely to resonate with the potential customers and future clients that can be found within the local area.

Attracting Customers On the Go

With as many as half of all mobile visitors electing to visit area merchants and retail store location within one day, business owners who fail to invest in marketing content intended for mobile viewers could be missing out on far more than they might realize. With greater numbers of consumers relying on smartphones, tablets and other devices in order to determine where to find the products and services they need, businesses that overlook the importance of mobile-friendly content and marketing efforts may be placing themselves at a serious disadvantage.

Video-marketing Continues to Grow in Popularity

Video content continues to grow in popularity, with some sources indicating that it may be poised to surpass written content as the most popular means of marketing at some point in the near future. Quality video content, especially content that features prominent local landmarks and popular locations, can play a major role in boosting the effectiveness of digital advertising efforts and ensuring that online marketing campaigns are able to produce the level of results that business owners need. Instructional videos, product demonstrations and videos that detail different services can all provide useful marketing opportunities for local businesses.

Mobile-site Optimization is Often Essential

Mobile-site optimization is no longer an issue that businesses can afford to ignore or overlook. Ensuring websites are able to provide mobile users with the best browsing experience possible and creating SEO and content designed to target smartphone and tablet users are both important issues when it comes to crafting and implementing a more effective and successful marketing campaign. Even the best quality content may be of little practical use for businesses that fail to keep pace with emerging technology and changing user habits.

Professional Resources Provide Quality Content and Effective Marketing Solutions

Smaller businesses often lack the talent, staff and other resources needed to create and run an effective advertising campaign. Seeking assistance from a qualified professional can ensure that new startups, smaller organisations and businesses that may lack the means to hire and maintain their own marketing department will have full access to the resources and opportunities able to make the biggest difference. Working alongside an experienced professional can help to ensure businesses seeking to streamline their local SEO efforts will be able to enjoy a greater degree of success.