Tactical Local SEO Consulting

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 18, 2017

SEO, like any other field, is one that is constant flux. It should come as no surprise that there are many different philosophies when it comes to optimizing a search page and many different businesses that specializes in certain ways of doing business. When you’re looking for a way to optimize the page for your local business, you’ll want to work with a consultant. If you’re looking for quick results rather than a long-term strategy, it may be useful to start with a firm that uses a tactical approach to SEO. These businesses utilize most of the same tools as any other SEO consultant, but do so in a targeted and focused manner.

What is Tactical SEO?

Tactical SEO has been defined in a few different ways. Perhaps the easiest explanation, though, is that tactical SEO is meant to bring about immediate results. It’s less concerned with the long run than it is with the short, and it prioritizes tactics that bring in visitors quickly. It is not, however, black hat SEO – everything done through tactical SEO is still within the bounds of ethical SEO practices.

Tactical SEO for Local Businesses

So, what does it mean for a local business to use tactical SEO? In most cases, it means that a local business is going to prioritize the forms of SEO that lead to quick results. There’s less on an emphasis on link-building and citations, and more of an emphasis on keywords and playing to the algorithms. While the more strategic form of SEO is incredibly useful for businesses that want to increase their profile, it’s necessary for a local business to embrace tactical SEO if it wants to break away from the second page of results. Tactical SEO is the launching point for a business’ future in SEO.

Working with the Right Firm

Working with the right firm means finding a consultant who realizes that you need to see results quickly. While most SEO consultants will want to find a good balance between quick results and a long-term strategy, tactical consultants are much more likely to help a business reach its goals. This doesn’t mean that a tactical company can’t help your business to pivot, but rather that its primary goal is going to be helping you achieve a better rank quickly. Finding a good consultant who can accomplish this is difficult, but always rewarding.

Long-Term Planning

Tactical SEO does have a reputation for not looking towards the long-term, but this is unearned. Tactical SEO is focused on the here and now to be sure, but it shouldn’t be the only form of SEO used. Only looking at tactical applications is akin to only using social media in your marketing – it can be helpful, but it leaves far too much money on the table. A good tactical consultant will monitor where a business is and help it to find a path to where it should be. Tactical planning should be used as a boost and the the lessons learned should be applied to the transition.

If you have a local business that doesn’t have a strong page rank or internet presence, investing in tactical local SEO consulting is a necessity. It will help you figure out how to make quick changes and how to get visitors to your site quickly. It will not solve your problems forever, and it’s likely not helpful if you already have a strong SEO plan in place. If you need help in the short-term, though, you should speak with a consultant who is experienced in tactical SEO planning.