Technical Local SEO Website Audit for Small Businesses

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 22, 2018

A technical local SEO website audit is not just about defining a list of keywords and optimizing pages by repeating these keywords as much as possible. To provide an example, social content is becoming better indexed by Google. However, the influence of social networks on the SEO of websites is an ongoing debate. Also, how do we define the optimal length of each page?

The first step to succeed in your SEO campaign is purely related to digital marketing. Remember, a keyword that is statistically typed only a few times in the month on the national level is not worth, with some exceptions, the effort of trying to get positioned on it. A priority keyword is a keyword with a high search volume, and where the conversion potential is at the maximum level.

Remember, while some SEO tools are free, like the Google Adwords tool, the most effective SEO tools require you to pay for them. Also, the content of each of your web pages is hierarchical according to titles with different levels. The use of articles has also become, in the last few years, a part of a good SEO strategy.

The “Rich Answers” are also growing, and these questions to Google are rather numerous. The text of the links should preferably contain a word or a key phrase. As you know, SEO requires a wide range of skills in different fields. Therefore, you may wonder, “What are the next stages of SEO development?”

Google will logically promote in its search results responsive design sites for all mobile viewers. Therefore, you should make your site mobile friendly. Did you know that a majority of searches are now mobile?

Google says that they also started to slightly improve the ranking of HTTPS URLs in search results last year. So, listen to Google and install an SSL certificate. The mobile Internet has also further progressed with more than a majority of users equipped with a Smartphone, and many are also outfitted with a 4G compatible mobile device.

You may wonder, “How does one breakthrough on the web?” Independent of sponsored links, SEO helps improve your position in the results of a search engine. With SEO, the return on investment is impressive. By regularly publishing SEO articles, your website will gain in traffic exponentially.

In fact, there is nothing revolutionary in the world of SEO, nothing able to question an SEO strategy consistent with Google’s recommendations. But of course, we can easily imagine that SEO may be based on other unspecified SEO criteria. Among the natural referencing techniques, we can mention backlinking, the creation of semantic bubbles or technical SEO optimization.

On the other hand, Google’s algorithm alone captures more than 90% of the global search market and has, therefore, become a relevance algorithm. Hence, to rank highly in Google’s algorithm, you need to make sure you deliver the best possible user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. To provide an example, we may plan a future article to aim for the 1st position on the Google local search results.

On the other hand, be careful to respect the maximum length and not to integrate a succession of keywords. A technical local SEO website audit will help you learn to apply web marketing to your projects and manage your blogs and your online site. And, if there is a practice to prescribe, it is the technique of producing content recurrently.

To provide an example, for a future article targeting some specific keywords, the analysis may reveal that your first competing content contains 1300 words, the second, 1200 and the third, 1100. However, the most striking fact is that the longer an article is, the more backlinks it gets, and that will allow your entire website to gain SEO power.