The 9 Most Common Local SEO Myths

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 19, 2016
Local SEO is a field that has flourished in recent years, especially as people have recognized how much power it truly has. However, as with growth in virtually any field, the rumors have started to spring into action. Instead of following falsities, learn which information is specious and which information is true.

1. All businesses need local SEO.
While using local SEO is helpful, not all companies need to implement its strategies, and you have to decide if your business is the right fit. For example, companies that ship all products and do not have a physical storefront can likely bypass many, if not all, strategies of local SEO.

2. It matters only what your site says.
Once you have reconfigured your website to be optimize for local SEO, you may think that you are finished. However, don’t forget about your listings in local directors and on search engines. In the event that these details are incorrect, potential customers could have a difficult time getting in touch with your company.

3. You need to stuff in plenty of keywords.
Using keywords is still a part of SEO, and it plays a role in local SEO too. However, when your cram tons of keywords into the content, it sounds robotic. Customers want to trust local businesses and view them as parts of their community, not question their authenticity.

4. Since your a local company, you don’t need to optimize your site for mobile devices.
Maybe you’ve heard that since people can readily walk into your shop, you don’t need to have mobile-optimized pages. That is far from the truth. In fact, the truth is almost entirely the opposite. You need pages that display very strong mobile optimization skills. When individuals are strolling around town, they may decide to look up your business and pop in if they like what they see.

5. You don’t need local SEO at all.
Some people say that you do not need local SEO and that the main SEO strategies are fine. However, that isn’t true. Consider the fact that you use local marketing strategies for paper advertisements. The same idea is true for local SEO. You want to get as specific as possible with the strategies that you use so that you can target the right people.

6. Social media do not play a role.
Others think that social media is only needed for big businesses, but local companies may even need it more. A social media platform provides a place where the company and customers can chat with one another. These platforms allow the companies to advertise about events, products and the like.

7. Chain businesses don’t need local SEO.
If you are part of a large chain, you may have heard that your business does not need to implement local SEO. However, that isn’t the case. You do not want people to just go to any branch of the business; you want them to go to yours.

8. Your competitors aren’t using it.
Some people have a very casual attitude about local SEO so they don’t think that your competitors are using it. That’s unlikely to be the case. Many businesses are using local SEO, so you need to implement its strategies as well.

9. It will cost too much money.
When you think about the funds you will spend to implement these strategies in comparison to the money that you can gain, you will absolutely see where the benefit lies.

Dispelling these myths is important because you want to have a successful business that attracts attention from people in the local area.