The Beginner’s Guide to a Local SEO Audit

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 17, 2018

In this article, you will find out how to surpass your competitors through an SEO analysis, a local SEO audit and your positioning strategy. These SEO tips are therefore relevant and applicable to build your SEO strategy. For example, by grouping our target keywords, we can create our first article topic. In this article, I have therefore decided to share with you today some exciting facts on SEO for different versions of the Google search engine.

Find competitors automatically according to given themes and of course follow the evolution of the positioning of a website (and competitors) on keywords. I will focus more particularly on a few points which promote the vagueness that exists around these levers. To go further, we can also analyze the top competitors regarding sharing on social networks. Remember what Google has said: non-responsive and non-adaptive websites will be penalized concerning positioning. Also, measure the popularity (backlinks) of your site and competitors.

For example with keywords, we will find web agencies instead of web agency or create your website instead of creating your site. You may wonder, “How do you approach the project, and what are the stages of SEO?” Building an effective SEO marketing strategy is not so simple and requires specific expertise, which goes beyond these dimensions.

Which positioning objectives does one want to achieve (1st place or just first page)? And, quickly the question also arises of the feasibility of the desired positioning. These techniques are considered here as the structural base of your website.

A position may also be above the natural results and can take the form of a featured snippet. The URLs have also become critical elements of your SEO. The content that will then be optimized is used to increase the traffic on a site and to generate leads.

A prospect who searches for your products or services, even in your area, will not necessarily search your name. This brings us to these observations: first, users seek to respond to a need or desire. Also, producing an article of fewer than 500 words will be less than your SEO competitors.

These techniques will develop the general SEO of your domain. In any case, it will be relevant to set up a content marketing strategy around your product. As in all marketing, it is essential to analyze the actions of the competition.

If you know your prospects well, your SEO agency will be able to study them, analyze their research behaviors and define critical words (or expressions), no longer according to your knowledge of the market or a feeling, but according to the specific research of your prospects. To provide an example, after the peak of buzz traffic for an SEO article, mainly due to the distribution of content and our blog post on social networks, the curve evolves positively, thanks to SEO optimizations made upstream.

How are we going to exploit digital technology to make ourselves known? I believe firmly in the virtues of SEO, and want to help others in their quest for intelligent positioning on the principal search engines. Content marketing experts tend to say that marketing now has only a few points but a multitude of targets. Remember, these are ideal steps to create the best content on a theme in record time.

If the amount of content is indeed an essential driver for your SEO strategy, remember that a more important factor is also the quality of the information you decide to share with your prospects. In short, you should make relevance your first goal. In this way, you will be able to generate relevant candidates, whether you are an e-commerce player or looking for qualified leads. Therefore, we must stop dissociating SEO and content since these two approaches are complementary.