The Importance of Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | July 18, 2017

The so-called “”local”” SEO is a SEO campaign run in parallel to classic SEO. It consists in positioning oneself effectively in the results for the local searches of users. Local SEO is therefore essential if one does not wish to miss out on these potential customers. This is essential for most businesses, as a growing proportion of Google searches have a local purpose.

It doesn’t matter if the user is searching for a garage, a hotel, a cafe, a cinema, the opening hours for a restaurant, a gym or something else. To be well positioned locally, you will have to carry out a few actions to enable your site to appear on the first page on local searches. Local SEO is important for many companies. You can imagine that if you sell take-away sandwiches, it’s not the same problem as if you have an online clothing shop. Therefore, it is not always mandatory or even always useful.

Build your SEO strategy on solid foundations. If you are in a big city where competition is fierce, it will take a lot of time before you appear in the local results. Google favors the shops that have a long history. Therefore, if your business has been open for less than a few years it will be more difficult for you. If you are in a medium-sized city it will be easier.

First of all, list yourself on all the local directories, directories and social networks. Use your Yellow Pages, city directory and Yelp. You also need to have a Google My Business listing. This is essential as it is what makes it possible to reference your business on Google Maps as well as show up at the top of the results for local searches.

You can create your Google My Business listing free of charge. Acquire the opinions of consumers. The tools cited previously offer internet users the ability to leave reviews on local businesses. The more positive reviews you receive, the more Google will consider you as a quality establishment.

SEO is a complex notion that includes the use of local SEO. None of these actions will boost your SEO alone. But all these actions combined and refined regularly will serve the SEO strategy of your brand.

A strategy that shouldn’t be neglected is the use of local SEO in your URLs. Note that if you modify your URLs, be sure to set up a redirect so that the old URL redirects permanently to the new one. If you have the ability to change the structure of your URLs, try to include your city and local information in them.

Give your users comprehensive, clear and relevant content that they will share and mention on social media and in their comments. You will then be in a great position. You will be close to your users, they will talk about you and your overall SEO positioning will be optimized.

Remember, it is useless to enumerate words one after another without context that add no value for the user. And, make sure you have a real title for each of your pages. You have a few hundred pixels to display a true representation of your page in the results of a search. Use them for something other than a meaningless list of keywords.

After that you should make sure that you have integrated on your website what we call the undefinable aspects of SEO. This would include unique content, relevant and useful content on the homepage of your site, and relevant content on all your pages. Also, make sure you have a balance between all the keywords present on a page.