The key to local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 08, 2016
If you want to be able to succeed in the modern business environment, then localization will be one of your strongest assets. It has been conclusively determined that just about half of all mobile users prefer to use a browser instead of an app, and so your website must be optimized for local SEO power. The factors that determine the optimization of local SEO are very easy to remember but also very easy to overlook as well. Keeping the following things in mind will ensure that your local SEO is as strong as possible.

Emphasize your physical location

Above all other factors, the physical location of the business is one of the leading elements in determining the decision of local searchers to patronize the business in question. The physical location in any advertisements or website copy is unquestionably important, but in truth, its importance is even greater than what many are aware of.

The phone number, hours of operation, and driving directions will all play integral parts in the strength of local SEO for businesses of any niche. In order to ensure that all local searchers are as compelled as strongly as possible to do business with you, make sure that all of this integral information is represented prominently.

Pinpoint your most local-oriented keywords and queries

It is essential to ensure that all of the most well-represented keywords into your web copy are reflective of the local interests of your target market. Every single element that drives traffic to your content will be contributed to in part by keyword content, and naturally, this applies to localization as well.

In developing your keyword strategy, make sure to do research on what the most attractive prospective keywords are for specifically geo-targeted phrases that people in your area are likely to query Google for. Generally speaking, it is more effective to attempt ranking for a small set of powerful keywords instead of trying to rank for dozens of week keywords, so choose wisely.

Optimize the footer

One thing that will assuredly give you a leg up over the competition in terms of local SEO power is taking the time to optimize the content of your footer. Many will not take the extra effort needed to optimize the footer because of its low position on the page, but this section offers an extremely powerful level of potential for SEO strength.

For the purpose of local SEO strength in particular, the footer is a very effective position for your contact information; this will be particularly useful for the mobile-optimized version of your website if you have one. To cover all bases, you should ensure that your contact information is present on the footer of every page of the website in order to give Google’s algorithm a stronger case for indexation.


It has been determined that nearly a fifth all local searches by consumers lead to business being conducted with the company in question in just a single day. The address and location of the business are going to be the primary factors that visitors use to make the decision of physically traveling to do business with you, and so they absolutely cannot be overlooked.

By making sure to address the important keys of local SEO, you are taking an important step in expediting the success of your business by an untold degree. Rather than waiting weeks or months to pick up traction, the business that has properly secured its local SEO will be able to see results practically immediately. Make a checklist of all of the vital keys to local SEO in order to guarantee that you can see results as swiftly as possible.