The Past, Present, and Future of Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 30, 2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful marketing tool, one that provides businesses with the means to enhance their online presence and visibility as well as the means to attract and acquire new clientele with greater ease and effectiveness. Possessing a better understanding of the history of SEO, the important role that it plays in online advertising strategies and the trends and predictions that greater insight into the future of SEO can ensure that businesses are able to make more informed marketing decisions. From individual professionals to the largest businesses and organizations, having a firm understanding of the nature of online promotional tools is never a concern that should be left up to chance.

Understanding the History of SEO

The origin of SEO can be traced back to the early days of the commercial Internet during the 1990s. Simple tactics, like keyword stuffing or using excessive backlinks allowed website owners to enhance their standing in search returns. Most sophisticated search engines quickly did away with such trends by ranking each page based on the quality of its content rather than the density of search terms and keywords alone. SEO marketing techniques quickly grew in sophistication as more and more businesses began to realize the potential benefits that could be achieved.

The Current State of SEO Marketing

Today it is not uncommon for SEO marketing efforts and content-based promotional strategies to form the backbone of an online advertising campaign. Even the most informative and attractive website may be of little practical benefit in the event that visitors and inbound traffic drop below certain levels. Statistics indicate that almost 90 percent of businesses to business marketing makes use of content-based methods, a trend that is only expected to continue in the days ahead.

The growing popularity of mobile devices has been a real game changer in terms of online and digital marketing strategies. Customers, clients, and consumers are relying on their smartphones and tablets in order to conduct business in greater numbers than ever before. Many of the current trends shaping today’s SEO marketing and advertising strategies are focused on how to optimize interactions with mobile users.

The Future of SEO

Voice search and the growing popularity and sophistication of digital assistants can provide an interesting glimpse into the future trends that may help to shape digital content marketing in the years ahead. The phrasing of a voice search is often very different from the format used when typing a query. Mobile devices that make it easier to perform a voice search and digital assistant applications both promise to reduce the impact and potential results that conventional SEO tactics may provide. While SEO marketing methods have had to evolve in the past in order to adapt to the new algorithms used by a search engine, voice-activated search and queries that are automatically reformatted by digital assistants promise big changes on the horizon.

The current trends of placing increased emphasis on mobile optimization can offer additional hints regarding the future of online marketing. While a conventional website is still a key part of any online marketing strategy, mobile applications, site optimization services and marketing tactics that specifically target mobile users are no longer concerns that businesses can afford to overlook. Content-based marketing efforts that focus on mobile users and devices are expected to be the norm for many years to come.

Professional SEO Firms and Marketing Services

Many businesses are finding that relying only on the experience of their own staff often leaves them unable to address marketing concerns or craft a more efficient and effective advertising strategy. Working alongside professionals who possess superior knowledge, experience and access to the full range of SEO resources and other marketing tools needed to ensure promotional efforts are able to provide superior results can provide a wide range of potential benefits. The services, assistance, and solutions that only a professional may be able to bring to the table are no longer assets that businesses can afford to overlook.