Tips and Tricks to Improvise Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses!

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 21, 2017

Suitability for mobile devices is now something that Google takes into account for page rank. According to recent statistics, mobile search query volume has surpassed the volume of search queries on computers. This makes the mobile-friendly approach unavoidable if one wants to optimize the local SEO of a site. If your website is not suitable for mobile devices, you may not be reaching a significant portion of your prospective audience.

A starting point for local SEO is to open an account for your company on Google My Business. Thanks to your business listing, you can share news, show your company on Google Maps, gather reviews from consumers and appear on the results of local searches. Whether you’re a craftsman or a merchant, this free site will allow you to dramatically improve your position on the most viewed search tool on the web. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of such a useful platform.

Another action to take immediately to make your site climb up the rankings and improve your visibility is to put it in the directories. Concentrate on regional platforms to increase local referencing. In addition, sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages should be a priority.

The implementation of a local Adwords strategy will help the local SEO of a site. Take advantage of this valuable tool. Adwords has the ability to build a campaign based on specific targeted keywords to reach a target residing in a specific geographic area.

To properly optimize your site, it is crucial to find the right keywords to reach your audience. It is therefore important to show the name of the locality of your company in your content. The Google Adwords keyword planning tool will help you select the right keywords. For a PC repair store in Albuqurque, the expression to include could be: “PC Repair in Albuqurque.”

Here is another trick that has an important impact on the local SEO of companies, even if it is often neglected. To take advantage of it, do not just put the address of your company on a single page. Rather, indicate it on all the pages of a site. If you have more than one address, we recommend that you create a separate page for each address.

There is another type of local SEO. It is based on the city where you are currently located. Google uses a city to refine a search. A city is shown on the left in the Google search pages.

Local SEO is also called geolocalized SEO. It depends on a geographical location. A surfer types in a keyword and a city. Typically, “”Hotel LA”” is a localized query. These sites are referenced locally. Sites will then show up in the search results matching this local query.

For example, you are in LA. You are looking for a hotel. You do not specify your search with a geographical location. The number of hotels in the US is very high. Google thinks at first glance that you are doing the search for LA. Indeed, if you were looking for a different city you would have specified it.

You may wonder, “How does Google determine where you are located?” It determines your location thanks to your Internet connection address. For that, it looks at which city is indicated by your IP, or Internet Protocol, address.

A mobile device will also reveal this information to Google, except if you have disabled specific settings. It can also do this for a mobile phone. This is why these queries are said to be localized. Local SEO will help you to rank highly on these type of queries.