Tips for Getting an Affordable Local SEO Services

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 23, 2017

As a business owner, you only have so many hours in any given day to work. It’s only natural that certain tasks will have to be outsourced – especially if they require a particular skill-set that is not otherwise needed in your business. When you need help with search engine optimization, it’s normal to look for a good local SEO service. What shouldn’t be normal, though, is paying more for the service than is necessary. Below are a few quick tips that will help you to find a good service without requiring you to break your budget.

Do The Research

The best way to get more out of any kind of business partnership is to know more about what your partner does. Even if you don’t plan on doing your own SEO work, you should spend some time learning more about the ins and outs of search engine optimization. This will help you to figure out exactly what you need and help you to avoid sales-speak that is only used to try to sell you unnecessary products. If you are able to walk into your first meeting with some idea of how SEO works, the other company will be able to deal with you on an equal playing field.

Be Specific

Once you know what you need from an SEO company, you can start by asking for specifics. Don’t tie yourself down to a service that is going to provide you with more than you really need. If you’re just looking for help with keyword research, make sure that the SEO company knows you don’t need help managing your social media presence. There are many SEO companies that offer different tiers of service based on your specific needs, so make sure you find a service package that works for you. Don’t let yourself be upsold unless you need help with the entire process.

Always Ask for References

When you started working with a specific vendor, you probably started by asking for references. SEO is absolutely no different. If the company has been in place for any period of time, it already has a few clients that are happy with its service. Make sure that you can see the websites of that company and that the SEO service feels comfortable providing you with some kind of portfolio. The more you can learn about the SEO company’s past, the more comfortable you should be able to be when working with them in the future.

Avoid Lengthy Contracts

As a business owner, you already know the problems that can come with very lengthy contracts. Don’t let yourself be fooled by an SEO service that will only work with you for long periods at a stretch. Instead, make sure that you get a contract with the service that calls for specific performance on a short-term campaign. There’s absolutely nothing that will stop you from signing on with a company that does a good job, but you shouldn’t let yourself be trapped in any kind of contract that will leave you unhappy with your SEO provider.

It shouldn’t be overly difficult to find an SEO company that fits your needs and your budget if you are willing to do some of the legwork before your first meeting. Do research on SEO, learn exactly what you need, and try to find a contract that allows for a fair and equal partnership. If you are able to do all of that, you’ll be able to work comfortably with an SEO company. In time, you’ll happily note that your website is ranking higher and that your partnership with an SEO provider is paying off for both parties.