Tips To Increase Your Organic Local SEO Rankings

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 05, 2017

Ranking well in search engines has become increasingly important for local businesses. An increasing amount of people are searching for businesses using search engines. The days of looking up a business in the telephone book are disappearing fast. You’ll want to ensure that your website has good SEO or search engine optimization standards in practice. Using organic SEO means you won’t have to pay for ad listings. Recent research shows that more search engine visitors click on organic search results, as opposed to paid ad listings. Here are four tips to increasing your organic local SEO rankings.

Optimized Website – Having an optimized website is a big factor in obtaining rankings. You will want to have your website divided into different sections. Typically, these sections will be otherwise known as pages on a website. Effective on-page SEO optimization means including relevant keywords within the text of your pages. However, you will want to use keywords sparingly. A website that only features a keyword over and over will not rank well and will be confusing for website visitors.

Quality Backlinks – Another important factor in ranking well for local search engine terms is having good backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites. Local SEO is all about appearing in related directories. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are authoritative domains that feature free directory listings. It is a great idea to include as much business information as you can into these listings. You can also add pictures and videos to most business directory pages. Directories are a great way to give your business exposure while receiving backlinks.

Social Properties – Having local directory backlinks is important. A business owner must ensure that their business has a great social presence. In recent years, search engines have placed more importance on a social media as a ranking factor. Also, having a great social presence means more exposure for your business. The world of today thrives on social media, it’s important that your business is seen on social properties. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a few examples of social properties.

Social Signals – One last thing you’ll want to take care of is getting social signals. The process for obtaining these signals is relatively easy. Having social properties created is the first big step to take care of. Social signals are shares, likes, and things of that nature on your social properties. Obtain shares and like with the use of engaging content. Google has stated that social signals are becoming a factor in how they rank websites. Social signals ensure your website has a great online presence.

In closing, obtaining local search results can be done in many ways. Combining all four previously mentioned methods will help boost your online presence. An optimized website ensures that search engines know how to find your website. Quality backlinks will tell search engines that your website is one of quality. Social properties have become an increasingly important tool in effective local SEO. Lastly, having share and likes shows search engines that your website is socially active.