Top 10 Tips Increase Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 10, 2017

Getting high rankings on major search engines such as Bing, Yahoo or Google is a guaranteed way of increasing traffic to your business’s website. Once your site starts attracting more visitors, it will increase its online presence which will, in turn, be translated into maximized profits. Here are tips on how to increase your local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without too much hassle:

1) Boost Your Social Media Channels

With the uptick of content from social media networks like Facebook and Twitter popping up on search results, you need to amplify your social media marketing tactics. Build positive and significant link profiles for these social networks. A “link profile” is a term that is used to describe the number of inbound links that point back to your site. Google will boost your social media content’s search result rankings if it realizes that your social media channels are receiving good quality links from bios and articles. Remember, an inverse of the bad quality of content will attract low rankings on search results.

2) Host Local Events

Hosting local events especially at the premises of your business will help greatly in improving online presence because your contact information will be featured in various newspapers, press releases articles and event calendars. You can also get name, address and phone citations or a few backlinks by hosting these local activities.

3) Write local content in your blog

As a business owner, you can start a blog where you focus on writing location-specific content. In order to boost the local SEO efforts, you should include some aspect of proximity in your blogging. Besides boosting the local SEO, the blog posts will also grow your business’s reputation on the online virtual market.

4) Sharpen Your Keyword Strategy

Artificial intelligence has made the search engine algorithms magical. Google keeps improving its keyword search algorithms on a daily basis to enable its capabilities of ranking millions of websites that visitors click on every second. That is why most outdated keyword spamming, and link building techniques don’t work on this search engine.

5) Improve website Structure

URL structure is very critical towards boosting local search engine rakings for your site. If the site has good on-page SEO that works well for its succinct structure, Google will easily crawl your site and rank each page effectively. In other words, local SEO content should have a URL structure that reflects the product or services offered alongside the location of the business.

6) Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Search engine marketing strategies can help greatly in improving local SEO. Your links can only be pushed up the search engine page listings if they get clicked on. Utilizing PPC and retargeting digital marketing strategies is a sure way of reaching out to your targeted audiences and generating more local traffic for your business online. You should consider trying out various copy and Meta description combinations before choosing a model that attracts most clicks to your site.

7) Using Local Inbound Links

Major search engines like Google consider inbound links from respected news outlets or reputable companies to be trustworthy. Earning media coverage can be achieved by engaging your business with the local community or participating in more Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

8) Prioritize your Online Presence

Most people have a tendency of including location or “near me” alongside a particular product or service that they are searching for in the search box. Therefore, it’s vital to list your business on high-quality listing websites like Google My Business. You can also utilize category-specific directories as well that feature the specific products and services you offer. Your business’s details like location, phone number, hours of operations should be consistent on these vital online business all listings.

9) Avoid Negative Ranking Factors

You should avoid overlooking important pointers that can tank your search engine rankings. Some of them include using incorrect business address or category on the listings, indicating inaccurate business operating hours, and mentioning mismatched or outdated phone numbers.

10) Share Your business’ Address

Sprinkle the single location of your business into your web content pages whenever possible to make it known to search engines. The location information will enable your business to rank highly in “near me” search results. However, you shouldn’t overdo it and make it look like spamming. The more thorough you are in improving your local SEO, the better you’ll rank.