Top 16 Most Effective Local SEO Tips

Written by: Jason Bayless | October 07, 2017

“Local SEO tends to be different than general SEO. However, it is beneficial for any business owner that can master local SEO. There are 16 effective local SEO tips that can turn the tide in one’s favor.

1. Effective keyword research is crucial. Whether the approach is organic or through paid keywords, keyword research can offer insights into how people search for products and services.

2. Optimize landing pages for each keyword group. Each website landing page should take meta title, meta description, URL, H1 tag, and body content into consideration. All content should be relevant and useful.

3. Endeavor to build citations that refer to your business location. These are just as important as the activity of your business domain, backlinks, and customer reviews. Citations that lead back to a site should contain the same information.

4. Building local editorial links is smart thinking. Just make sure that inbound links are legitimate and from an acceptable source. Look for venues that allow contributing writers to post. Links are not usually allowed in bios, but articles can contain links.

5. Create a robust social media footprint. There are advertising tools that allow site owners and writers to get relevant likes and shares.

6. Create a plan for measuring inbound traffic. This is the only way to create a benchmarks for success. Google offers Webmaster and Analytics tools to this end. One good sign that your SEO campaign is going well is if sales and ranking increase.

7. The experts can never say enough about the merits of organizing content on a website. Include a well-organized site map. Make it totally easy for visitors to navigate the site.

8. Claim as many legitimate business listings as possible. Google and other search engines scan listing sites so that they can gain a better understanding of what a business does.

9. Pay special attention to your link strategy. First, make sure your social medial footprint is robust with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc. Include backlinks in emails, newsletters, and customer updates.

10. Develop relationships with local bloggers and media outlets. Then encourage those people to try out your product or service. These are PR efforts that can benefit any company.

11. Site loading speed is critical as well. People visiting a site will leave for the next venue if the site is slow to load. These are technical considerations that should be at the top of the site owner’s list.

12. A mobile-friendly website is a must in today’s world. Millions of people search the Internet on their mobile device. Mobile-friendly sites get rewarded by Google.

13. Competitive strategies and analysis can reveal what campaigns are working and which ones are not. Site owners can leverage analysis to determine the level of competition they face.

14. Hire the right agency to conduct local SEO. Websites that do not rank well in search run the risk of being non-existent in the minds of people.

15. Provide helpful information on the website. Greater than one in three consumers will conduct a search on their mobile device before shopping at a store.

16. Optimize for seasonal events. Site owners can analyze times of the year and plan ahead to offer products and services people look for. Local optimization allows marketers to appeal to shoppers on their own terms.

If you own a business, local SEO matters. More and more businesses are utilizing SEO tips that can help them assist customers just as they are searching for products or services. Be there for your customers on their terms.”