Top 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 14, 2016

Your site should tell a story about your business. If a customer wants to know about a company, he or she will do a web search for the name of the firm. According to Mike Blumenthal, your website, blogs, and how you brand your company should be the center of your entire digital presence. It should be the most important factor of your organization. The site should have relevant content. It will determine how well your site ranks. Additionally, the site should be well organized and easy to navigate.

Create Content

According to Aabaco, The goal of all organizations is to rank number one on Google search. It is a complicated process. It is not as simple as most people would like to think. Your content determines how visitors interact with your site. All search engines do a site ranking based on the keywords used in your content.

Keyword Search

Visitors are always searching Google and other search engines for keywords that will give them information on a particular topic. Start typing in a keyword on any search engine. Observe all the words that appear before hitting the “Enter” key. All the words that appear are the most popular words in the search engine. Make a list of the words that you see and include them in your content. Do this several times until you have enough for your content.

Using Google Trends to Research Keywords

Research keywords using Google Trends. It will tell you how each search term ranks over time. Additionally, it will illustrate how often people use the words. It will also break down the words by geographic area. Google will list additional keyword phrases relating to the ones that you have typed. They will get listed by country and geographical area. Make a note of any suggestions.

Pay attention to the questions customers ask

If customers ask you a question offline and in person, they are probably making the same request over the web. It is also possible that they type the same query in the search engines. Create a page specifically for those top questions. The process will help to increase your ranking in searches.

Customer Interviews and testimonials

Get close to the customers and find out what they think of the products you offer. Shoot short videos and place them on Youtube, and then embed them on your website. Customers will also provide testimonials. Share them on your site. The information will help to guide new customers. Below the youtube video, include a text summary of the video to get keyword search ranking.

Organize your website

Each page should have something unique about it. Search engines should get an idea of what you are trying to convey on the page. Do this by using headlines and title tags. Use images that tie into the topic. The process will improve rankings.

Linking content to the front page

Whatever is most important to your business should get featured on the front page. For example, if you have a product that sells well, the product should get featured on the front page as a link from the page on which it gets featured. When visitors see it on the front page, they will most likely follow the link to get more information.


Your website should have relevant content that features keywords that will appear in searches. Use Google Trends to see how well the keywords perform over time. Make a note of all the questions customers ask and create a page based on the top issues. Feature customer interviews and testimonials on its page. Organize each page using headlines and images to match the topic. Finally, feature your best product on the front page.