Top Link Building Strategies For Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 02, 2018

When you own your own small business, much of your time is spent trying to get people to find you. These days, much of your marketing efforts will be put into getting your website ranked well in the search engines. While some businesses may just hire a search engine marketing firm to help them, others might take it upon themselves to get some links to their website in order to boost their SEO. All businesses want more leads to boost their sales and revenue.

Ranking a website for local customers can be a little different than trying to rank nationally. In some cases, it is much easier to accomplish and can be done in less time. The best way to accomplish this is by getting some strong, quality backlinks to your site. Below are some of the top link building strategies that any business can use to build their local rankings in the search engines.

Look For Link Opportunities Often

One strategy that many local businesses can use to gain quality links is by harvesting links often. In order to earn more links often, you need to be diligent and have a list of “opportunities”. This can be done manually by using Google to search for websites that are similar to yours or that offer similar products or services. Below are a few of the searches you can do often for finding links.

•IndustryName + “”forum””
•””City Name””+””Nominate a business””
•IndustryName + “”magazine””
• “”your city + services””

These are just a few of the searches you can perform on a regular basis to find places to build quality backlinks for your business website.

Take Competitor’s Backlinks

They don’t call it your competitor for no reason. You are always going to be in competition with other businesses. That is just the name of the game. If you find that your competition is ranking ahead of you in the search results, then you need to ask yourself why. With a little bit of research, you can find backlink opportunities that they are already using. There are many free tools you can find on Google to help you find what your competition is using for their linking strategies.

Create A Review Or Case Study

A great way to get backlinks for your website and build your SEO is by getting on the radar for a popular, local blogger or publication. One great strategy to get in good with them is by offering to submit a review or a case study for their site or blog. You can review a product or service that they offer in return for a good backlink. Business owners love to see people buying or using their products and services and are willing to write good reviews about it. It is even more effective when the review is coming from another local business.

Visit Other Local Businesses

Even though you are trying to build your SEO online in the search engines, you can still do some effective things in town to help build your rankings. Visit other local businesses in your area and work on a relationship with them. The better a relationship you form with businesses in your area, the more you will be able to help each other out. This is best for when you work with other businesses that are not in direct competition with you. Aside from local businesses, you can also talk to people in other places such as at networking events, suppliers, associations and manufacturers.

These are just a few of the top ways to start your link building for local SEO for your business. The most important thing is to never stop building the links to your website. Once you reach a good ranking through Google, you will have to work to keep it up there.