Top Local SEO Niche

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 20, 2015

Almost everybody involved in internet marketing has heard a word or two regarding search engine optimization commonly referred to as SEO. Sometimes it may seem confusing and hard to understand and probably that is why you are here reading this article. To be precise, SEO is not some magic or a formula that you will apply to get the content in your website ranking high in the search engines. Rather, it is an art, and for that matter a beautiful art which when perfected can transform your website to a seven figure turn over every other year.

Gone are the days when the black hat world was using unethical methods to get their websites to the top of search results. Google, Yahoo and Bing can easily detect this unethical behavior and can easily cause your website to be scrapped off the system. These search engines have invested heavily on SEO to ensure that the readers get reliable results when doing their search. It takes more than magic to have your site ranking among the top in the search engines; this can only be smartness and hard work.

There has been a crop up of all sorts of gurus who are in to take advantage of the newbie’s pretending to help them with SEO. They are offering SEO resources such as quick books that apparently seem to be copied from some unknown sites and sell them as eBooks. There is, however, some excellent eBooks that are available on the internet which will train you from scratch on how to build your SEO rankings for your website. These eBooks don’t come cheap, and therefore it means they are not for everyone.

There are two types of SEO rankings; global SEO and local SEO ranking. Local SEO is what people are looking out for nowadays. The big problem is that most of us treat these two words interchangeably which is a big mistake. Local SEO is aimed at getting your website viewed within your locality. And mostly, this is where the local business concentrates. If you are operating a competitive business, it may prove difficult to get your site to the top. You must learn the art of doing it, and this is it.

I. Learn to optimize the website for certain keywords, more specifically that of the products that you deal with or the geographical location. Most people are interested in products within their reach.

ii. Before your site is ranked, it must be indexed by either of the search engines. Try indexing it by use of Yahoo local, Google local or Bing local. Indexing precedes ranking.

iii. Drop the link to your website to as many directories as possible. Also, ensure that the directory is in line with your business.

Iv. Building your site on social media platform also helps to rank your website better in the search results.

Local SEO brings more accurate results, and it’s for this reason that there has been a lot of competition in the area. Some of the most competitive niche includes;

· Financial institutions such as Banks.

· Law firms

· Medical clinics in different specialties.

· High-end home renovators

· Luxury home builders

· Wholesale and Specialty Food suppliers.

Why use local SEO?

· It has a better visibility on the search engine results.

· It leads to increased conversion rate and brand awareness in the target market.

· It can target specific keywords or a group of customers.

Recent studies show that more people are using the internet each day for various services. Businesses are taking this advantage and channeling their energy on local SEO marketing to improve their results.