Use PR to Boost Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 17, 2016

As a business owner or manager, you may view public relations events and strategies as a method that can be used to improve your public image, enhance brand recognition and more. You may not realize it, but public relations can also be used to boost search engine optimization rankings and enhance marketing efforts. With a closer look at why this is and how you can accomplish it, you may decide to look for some sponsorship, volunteer or other activities to take part in.

The Importance of Back Links
With search engine optimization, the search engines analyze a wide range of factors to determine rankings. The keywords that are targeted in your content as well as their placement and competition for the words will be relevant, but relevancy, back links and more also are important factors. Back links drive organic traffic to your website without search engine queries, and they also can be used to boost rankings. With public relations events, such as sponsoring a charitable fun run, your business can be mentioned as a primary supporter of the event, and a back link can be created from that event’s website to your own website. This is just one example of a back link. Those who see the link can click it to take them to your website directly, or the link can be used for organic back linking to boost search engine results. In this way, your online marketing efforts can be doubly enhanced.

Maximizing Exposure From Public Relations Events
In many cases, PR events such as a charitable fun run or another fund raising event will be highly publicized. They may be mentioned in local newspapers, on websites announcing local events in the area that residents can attend, in PR articles and in press releases. In each of these areas, there is a possibility for your company’s name to be mentioned, and there is also the opportunity for a back link to be created back to your website. When you select your events, ensure that you will receive maximum exposure for sponsoring the event, including back links in all pieces where your company name is mentioned as a sponsor. In addition to this exposure, you can also create your own exposure. For example, you can create a blog post for your own business blog with information about the PR event that you are sponsoring or supporting. You can also create articles for posting on third party websites that mention the event and your company’s sponsorship of it, and these pieces can have back links to your website.

Choosing Your Events Carefully
While sponsoring events generally will have great exposure opportunities for your business, keep in mind that some events may be more beneficial for you to host and sponsor than others. When choosing your events, pay attention to the exposure that you will receive by signing up for different sponsorship levels. You may be able to negotiate the option for back links to your own website in articles and PR pieces as an additional benefit even if it is not included in the sponsorship package initially.

When you are searching for a way to boost exposure online and to enhance search engine rankings, hosting or sponsoring a charitable event or volunteering for an organization may not seem like an effective solution. However, this often can be a cost-effective solution, and this is particularly true when you create your own PR pieces with back links to complement the organization’s PR pieces. You can begin researching different sponsorship or volunteer opportunities available today, and you can continue to look for future opportunities so that you make this aspect of SEO back linking a regular aspect of your search engine optimization campaign.