Using Geotags for Local Search Optimization

Written by: Jason Bayless | December 18, 2014

When most people think about geotagging, they think about the location data that is embedded in a photo. If the setting is enabled on your smartphone, any picture that you take with your smartphone will be embedded with location data that allows other tech savvy individuals to determine the exact location where the photo was taken. You may not know, however, that geotagging is also a very beneficial and relatively unknown tool that you can use with your business website. After learning more about geotags for websites and how it can be used to boost results for your search engine optimization campaign, you may be ready to make some beneficial changes to your website.

The Simplicity of Adding Geotags to Websites

When you geotag a website, you will be including relevant information about your business that visitors cannot see. However, search engines can view this information, and it can make your website more relevant to search engine queries that your target audience may be performing. It will take your website developer only a few minutes to add geotags to your website in most cases, although the process can be more time consuming if you have a large website with numerous pages that all must be updated. Geotags are added to a website with the addition of a few simple lines of code or metadata. With the addition of these metatags, you can include location-specific page descriptions, information about the company and rules that web robots must comply with.

The Results of Using Geotags in Your Website

Without geotags, the only way that web robots and search engines will know your company’s geographic location is by using keyword rich text that is geo-specific. This limits how you use SEO techniques and strategies. While you may enjoy some benefits through location-specific keywords and phrases that are used with your website, the fact is that geotagging is highly effective and affordable. When others search for your company’s products or services within a certain geographic location, they will more likely see your company’s website in the search results. If your goal is to get your website noticed by your local target audience, the use of geotags is a great solution.

Why Your Small Business Should Be Using Geotags

Keep in mind that web browsers in smartphones, laptops, tablets and other technological devices often have geographic or location services enabled. This means that the web browser they are using will automatically search for websites that are located within their geographic area regardless of whether the user entered a specific geographic descriptor in the query. Many people who use the Internet to search for restaurants, retail stores, service providers and others are looking for local businesses that are in close proximity to them. More than that, many people carry a smartphone, and they may complete searches online using their devices with the intent to generate instant results that can serve their needs on the go.

The fact is that installing geotags in your website is simple and easy to do. More than that, it is a highly cost-effective tool that you can enjoy tremendous, on-going results from. You may consider asking your website developer if your website has geotags installed. If not, you can request this small and highly effective revision if you want to enjoy the best overall results possible from your location-specific SEO efforts. Geotagging is a tool that all local businesses need to be using in their online marketing efforts, and now is the ideal time to review your current website and to make revisions that can benefit your company for years to come.