Ways to Improve Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 25, 2017

One of the goals for a company today is to position their brand effectively, so it is prominent as possible in search engine results. Many marketing experts agree it is possible to control and succeed in doing this. The requirements for boosting visibility on search engine results can also have a positive influence on social media marketing and other types of media outreach.

Local Website Listings
One of the best ways a company can increase their local SEO is to make certain their business listings across a variety of third-party sources is consistent as well as accurate. These sites are continuously scanned by Google and a variety of other search engines. Their goal is to have a better understanding of the local businesses. When the information listed on a third-party source is not accurate or complete, it could result in a negative effect on a company’s placement with local search engine results.

Proper Optimization
It is also important for a company’s owners to know if their business is listed in the appropriate categories. This is essential so it can be properly optimized. Marketing experts agree that having keywords that accurately describe the company in the business name is a benefit. A business owner would do well with “Aaron’s Atlanta Bakery.” It’s also important to know that when unnecessary words are in a business name. This could be something like “Ed Car Repair, Towing, Oil Change, Car Sales Emporium.” search engines notice this, and it could have a negative impact on search engine rankings.

Local Content
A good way to have successful SEO efforts is to have the correct content marketing. It’s important to know the questions that are asked of a business. Make certain the content provided on the business website answers these questions. It is also a good idea to provide some positive information about the area where the business is located. Search engine results will improve when a company can regularly provide SEO optimized content on their website, blog posts and more.

Local Directory
It is possible for a company to create an online directory of community resources. This directory can list popular local restaurants, stores, events and more. This will be a way for a company can provide an important link to other organizations, and they can return the favor. Some companies have been successful having a blog on their website that discusses the different aspects of the neighborhood where they’re located and then linking it to other companies as well as places of interest.

Link Strategy
It is important to develop an effective link strategy. It’s important for a company to regularly get links from their website onto other related local websites. Having links from other websites onto a local company’s website is part of a successful link strategy. Doing this will build a company’s credibility. A business should regularly share links to their website on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and others. A message to pass the information along to others could be helpful. Email links should be part of a company’s email newsletters whenever they communicate with customers and more.

Business Information
When choosing a domain name, it’s important to choose one that accurately reflects the type of goods or services offered as well as the location. The name, address and phone number should be able to be seen on the contact page as well as the homepage and every page on a company website. A company’s website also needs to contain as much information as possible about the area where it’s located. This can be done by providing good photo images as well as videos and more on the company’s website.