What Every Business Owner Must Know About Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | June 13, 2017

The internet is currently on of the most dependable income sources for many people and businesses. It is, therefore, critical for you as an entrepreneur to have and maintain an online presence in the digital world. Having a site for the business will not guarantee quick turnover or financial success. You need to address issues like traffic and ranking. This is where SEO comes in.

It is also essential to make the site mobile responsive since Google may not send more traffic to the website if it’s not. What’s more, people today browse a lot using their phones instead of personal computers.

So, how can you use SEO to your advantage? Here are the important things every entrepreneur should know about SEO:

Content is king

Content is everything that search engines can index. It can be an image, sound or text. The entire interweb thing revolves around content. When we say “content is king,” we mean that content rules the SEO world and the online world in general. Google loves great content. They want everybody to know that they can find relevant content from them. The quality of content you create affects your visibility on result pages. So, if you would like to get great results, you need to keep updating your site routinely with relevant, engaging, and quality content.

Link profiles make a difference

The formula that determines the search engine result (Google search algorithm) is based on Google reviewing how sites and other online content links to one another. The linking effectiveness will be determined by the quality and quantity of links as defined by Google. It regards the link as a vote for the content you have created for your website. Just make sure that you use links from ‘relevant’ and ‘authoritative’ sources. Don’t use links from spammy websites.

Online performance is essential

Search engines like Google do monitor the performance of your website when it comes to search engine visibility. Your website should load fast. This is determined by the web server hosting your site and the quality of the coding. The site also needs to address factors such responsiveness and optimization for mobile phones. If users don’t get a great experience when they visit your site, you will have failed.

Advertising and social media matters

Social media activity is monitored by search engines to determine the necessary, appropriate and relevant online content to be served up when providing search engine results. Also, being active in social media can be an effective SEO strategy. Google determines the popular content by checking the level of engagement on your social media pages. It can drive more traffic to the content and still monitor the progress. This is great for business.

Google penalties should be avoided

You will get your business in trouble if you do things that aren’t liked by search engines. You ought to know what to do and what not to do for effective SEO. For instance, you can be penalized for paying for links or copying content from other sites. If your business gets smacked down by Google penalties and bans, getting back on track will be an expensive and daunting exercise.