What Impact Will Google Pack Have on Local SEO?

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 18, 2015

If you are wondering what type of impact Google Pack will have on local SEO, then you definitely want to take the time to learn more about the release of Google 3-Pack. Although hotels and restaurants will be heavily impacted by the change, there are other local businesses that need to be concerned as well. Whether or not you will be impacted by the change, you should take the time to learn about how Google Pack and how it will have an impact on millions of local businesses across the United States.

Google 3-Pack Release Comes After Google Does Away With Its Carousel

Restaurants and hotels are the two types of businesses that will be heavily impacted by the release of Google 3-Pack. Other local listings will be impacted as well, but not all. Google decided to roll out the Google 3-Pack after deciding to do away with the sliding carousel. From the very beginning, Google received criticism about its carousel. Google has replaced its carousel with a combination of Google Ads and what it calls a 3-Pack of organic listings that appear directly below the ads for that page. Consumers who wish to get information on businesses that do not appear in Google Ads or the top 3-Pack will have to lick the link leading to more listing below the 3-Pack.

The Google Pack Release Will Impact How Local Search Results Are Displayed

The Google 3-Pack will certainly have an impact on select local search engine results. First, only the three top three organic search results will be displayed for select local searches and categories. Second, now people who use Google to conduct local searches will have to take an extra step by clicking on the more link to learn more about other local businesses. Third, the change will have impact consumers who use Google devices and smartphones to conduct local searches.

Local SEO Will be Impacted by The Release of Google Pack

Even if the change does not have an impact on every local business, experts suggest that businesses need to pay close attention to their local SEO now more than ever. Business owners need to take the time to make sure their website is optimized for local SEO. In addition to using local keywords in content, titles and tags, business owners need to make certain to update their business listings. Businesses should also pay close attention to their Google My Page as well.

Consumers Who Use Smartphones to be Experience Change First

According to experts, consumers who use their smartphone to conduct local searches online in certain categories will be the first to experience all of the changes when conducting local searches. With so many more people using their smartphone to conduct searches, local businesses need to make certain their website is mobile friendly and optimized to drive more traffic. Businesses that do not take the steps to optimize their website and make sure they publish high-quality content will likely experience a decline in traffic.

Local Businesses Should Expect an Increase in Competition on Google

One of the most obvious problems that local businesses will experience is an increase in the competition on Google. In the past, trying to get on the first page was difficult. Now, local busineses in the same space will be competing for the top three spots on the Google Pack. The competition for these top spots is going to be fierce, so local businesses need to be prepared. In addition, businesses that drop off below the first page results are going have to find an alternate way to drive more traffic.

In light of the recent changes on Google, businesses that are directly impacted by the release will have to revise their local SEO strategy to continue driving traffic to their website and blog. Other local businesses not directly impacted by the changes will need to make certain their websites and blogs are optimized to appear in local search engine results.