What Is Negative Local SEO?

Written by: Jason Bayless | April 28, 2016

Doing effective SEO is vital in order to grow a website’s rankings on the web. Negative local SEO is one of the few things that most people tend to forget about, especially since it can drastically affect a person’s rankings in such a bad way. Most people tend to believe that negative SEO is something you do for yourself, but in reality, it is some me thing you do towards others. Many people do this kind of web marketing in order to get themselves seen more by the search engines and kick their competition.

What Is Negative Local SEO?

Negative local SEO is when a certain website owner decides to try and get a certain website who happens to be their competition to get in rote joule with Google. Google is very respectful of others who are honest, and so they do appreciate it when they find out a certain website is caught using blackhat SEO marketing tactics that do not work effectively. The problem with this type of mark rekeying is that it is a bit schemy, and it requires hurting another person’s website in order to get yours to rank higher on Google.

It is oftentimes considered the last resort to when a business or a website needs to be on the top of the rankings but they aren’t doing too well online. Negative local SEO is not always that easy to do, and it is definitely not the way to go online because it isn’t an effective way of reaching the top ranks online. There are some people who struggle when it comes down to getting ranked higher and achieving that extra boost of rankings, but the key is to never stoop down to something as low as simply putting down the hard work of another website.

One of the many ways people would implement negative SEO is by simply buying back like and pointing them to a competitor’s site, and then trying to get Google to notice the fake links. They can also report their rival’s black hat SEO techniques. It’s very easy to easily affect the site of another person, and while many people do it, the truth is that it sadly works and can help you. The key is to grow your website and outrank your competitors without having to negate what they have done.

If your website seems to have hit a block in your rankings, it could be because somebody has tried to provide you with negative SEO. Ask your SEO manager or look at your rankings to see if there is something wrong. Find out how many new links have been sent towards your site. Inspect every aspect to see if you have been hit by a person who is trying to get your site in trouble with Google. Consider getting Google Alerts setup about your site to make sure that every piece of content made about your site is legitimate.

Negative local SEO can affect you in many ways. Make it a goal to stand up against it by protecting your site and hiring a powerful team who knows what they are doing. Negative SEO is done every single day because some people see it as the easiest way out of having to do the work themselves on getting their site ranked. Negative local SEO can be something you can beat out if you work at it. Negative SEO is something that can really affect your site in such a bad way if you aren’t staying on top of your game. Check up on your site daily to ensure nobody is sabotaging you.