What is Yext and How Does it Improve Local SEO?

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 20, 2016
Small business owners are always looking for tools that will allow them to more effectively reach their customers. One of those tools is Yext, and it’s been all the rage among those small business owners who want to be more competitive online. Yext is a directory tool that can help businesses get listed in Google’s local search rankings and in other local searches online. The tool’s most important function is as a means of organizing your information. With this in mind, small business owners should explore whether this tool makes sense for them.
Putting your information in structured citation sites
Any small business owner who has been paying attention knows that a major part of doing well in local SEO is getting a business’s contact information right. Part of the goal is ensuring that address, business name, phone and email information is submitted to so-called “citation” sites. There are plenty of them on the Internet. This can be a challenge for a small business owner without a lot of tech experience. Yext offers small business owners a valuable service. The company can take each small business’s contact information and have it properly organized on many different citation sites. This will, in turn, raise the profile of the small business online, allowing that small business to more effectively compete.

Consistency matters in local SEO rankings
While it is impossible to know precisely how Google and the other search engines rank their websites, what is certain is that consistency matters. Your contact information should be consistent across all platforms. If you can achieve this, you will gain credibility with the search engines, allowing your information to show up more readily in the local SEO rankings. Importantly, when people try to list their information in citation sites without the help of a company like Yext, they can sometimes come up short. It is critical to have this sort of consistency, and Yext makes sure it happens.

Updating your information when it changes
While most small businesses won’t undergo major changes in their contact information, you might get a new number or a new contact address. When this happens, a service like Yext will automatically update your information in the major citation sites. This can save you time and ensure that customers can find you appropriately. In addition, it will ensure that your search engine results are reflective of the changes in your business’s operations.

Taking advantage of Yext’s impressive connections
People who pay for the Yext service get the benefit of Yext’s preferred listings. This means that you will be listed more prominently within Yext’s network sites. If you know anything about SEO, then you know that getting more prominent listings on authoritative websites is one of the keys to having a great local SEO presence. While there are other ways to generate this kind of local SEO dominance on your own, you’ll have an easier time if you take advantage of what Yext offers that you could not otherwise get.

Visibility in Google’s Seven-Pack
Many small business owners want their listings to end up in the place where most consumers go before making a choice on a business. The Google Seven-Pack is important, and when you use Yext, you’ll have a better chance to achieve a high listing in this specific Google category. Many have found that this leads to more sales and conversions, and as a result, it is automatically worth the trouble.

Yext costs money on a subscription basis, a fact that turns many people off. Some believe they can achieve positive results using only their own organic SEO practices. While this may be true, there is also great room for Yext to help those people achieve their long-term goals. Yext helps add the consistency and authority that small businesses are looking for, making it a good choice for companies that can fit the expense into their budget.