What’s The Best Local SEO Tools

Written by: Jason Bayless | August 08, 2015

Performing local SEO used to be somewhat easy. Not long ago, the only thing you basically had to do was submit your particular category to your page on Google Places and get some citations and you were ready to go.

However, as your competition increases, it’s crucial that you utilize the best tools available to you in order to ensure that you rank higher than your rivals in the box. Here are some key tools that will help you succeed.

1. 51Blocks.com

This helpful toolbox from 51block provides a number of local SEO factor checks simultaneously. The SEO Tool itself is designed to be very helpful for you to easily check on key factors that can ultimately impact your overall performance in many directories as well as Google Local.

2. Local SEO Checklist

This is probably the best tool to use of all available local SEO tools. Local SEO Checklist offers you an incredibly convenient step-by-step checklist so you can monitor your optimization efforts and track your progress as you go. In fact, as long as you never clear your browser cache, it will still track your progress, even when you close your browser and re-launch it.

3. Grade.us

Grade.us has a free version of a great tool that creates a basic review page to use in order to request client reviews. Most everyone knows that getting reviews is a vital part of performing good local SEO, which this tool has the ability to deliver.

4. Google Structured Data Inspector

This is a kind of data testing tool that informs you what content on your site is marked along with any errors it finds regarding the way your specific schema-ed content is actually marked up. Overall, this is particularly helpful if you’ve done any previous work, or if you’re unsure if certain areas of your site that have schema are being read and properly interpreted.

5. FreeReviewMonitoring.com

FreeReviewMonitoring is a great new service that closely monitors all your reviews on every major review site on a daily basis for free. Also, it submits an email to you with the latest reviews every day as they’re being crawled. If you like, you can also configure the tool to monitor the reviews of your competitors as well.

6. Schema Creator by Raven Tools

Raven Tool’s Schema Creator is an excellent tool if you want to create schema without spending all your time and energy on reading through every piece of documentation on Schema’s website. The tool itself is incredibly easy to use for virtually anyone to create schema for their site.

7. Synup Listings Scan

This handy software works to scan your particular business listing on more than 100 local directories along with numerous review sites in order to let you see how you’re being presented. The tool’s listing section reveals a snapshot of the way you’re listed throughout the Web. Also, you can go even further to view exactly how your listing appears according to each website if you need to.

8. GetListed.org

GetListed.org scans your business regarding the top 12 major directories and lets you know exactly where you’re listed in addition to providing you important information if you’re listed properly in these main directories. Also, GetListed informs you which specific category you’re business is listed under along with whether or not you have any media on your listings as well. The site will also notify you of any errors it identifies in the listings it scans.

Regardless of the tools you end up choosing to enhance the performance of your local SEO efforts, you’ll still have to do the work to make it happen. Various tools are simply there to help you do your job more efficiently, rather than actually do the work for you. When it comes to local SEO, putting in the necessary time and effort will help you ensure that your business profile is optimized properly and that you’re receiving citations from all the right places in general. Once you clean up your profile, half your work is already done.