Where to Get Local SEO Training

Written by: Jason Bayless | September 25, 2014

When you develop a search engine optimization strategy, your goal is certainly to drive your target audience to your website to elicit a certain response. You may have carefully selected your keywords with the goal in mind of having your website ranked highly when those keywords were searched. In addition, you may have placed those keywords into your website’s text, articles, blogs and more. These are the basic steps of a great SEO campaign, but the fact is that this alone may not be enough. When your business has a local target audience, you understandably do not want your website ranked highly for website users on the other side of the planet or even for those in the next state from yours. Therefore, you need to learn how to more effectively use local SEO.

Basic Local SEO Strategies and Tips
There are several important steps that you can take to boost your search engine rankings in general as well as through local searches. First, you can consider if your target audience may use different keywords than those in other areas of the country. If your keywords are rather general, such as attorney and lawyer, there may be little difference in keyword searches locally. However, if your keywords may be different in various regions, such as the regional difference between soda and pop or flip flops and thongs, this should be taken into account. In addition, you do want to include local geographical descriptors in your keyword searches. For example, an individual who is searching for a San Diego attorney may initially search for the basic word attorney, but when this returns hundreds of listings for attorneys located in other areas, the user will naturally refine his or her search. More than that, he or she may refine the search even more fully. For example, while he or she may live in the San Diego metropolitan area, the desire may actually be to find an attorney in La Jolla or another suburb. You can use various keyword combinations for all of the nearby areas to maximize the results.

Finding the Right Training and Resources to Help You
The fact is that developing an effective SEO campaign is imperative if you want to maximize the targeted traffic that heads to your website. This can be a cost-effective strategy that results in significant benefits to your company, but it can also leave your staff members spinning their wheels if your efforts are not targeted. For example, you do not want your local cleaning company fielding inquiry phone calls all day from potential customers hundreds of miles away. When you want to develop a local SEO strategy, it is important that you obtain proper education and training in this area. There is more to using local SEO strategies than simply placing a single geographic descriptor in front of your selected keywords. There are various local search engines and listing directories that you may use, for example. You may also utilize local back-linking efforts, write guest blog posts for related companies and affiliates and more. These are only a few of the different steps that you can take to get your website more highly ranked on a local basis, and you can learn more about these efforts when you find local SEO training close to your home.

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