Why Monthly Local SEO Services Are Worth It

Written by: Jason Bayless | January 13, 2015

Monthly Local SEO Services: Identity and Location Is Everything

In a nutshell, local SEO deals with businesses whose customers are situated nearby and pay regular visits to them. These ventures include restaurants, doctors, dentists, retail outlets and other entities that are not national or international in scope. Some companies with a reach beyond the locality, however, might benefit from local SEO as well.

The key question is: Why is monthly local SEO worthy of consideration over national SEO? The points discussed below offer insight into the Local SEO distinction.

Local SEO and the Importance of Personal Identity

The primary task of local SEO is to develop a regional profile for clients. This presence is essential for any business to gain recognition within a particular locality and even on a larger scale. Google ties into an entity’s website so anyone anywhere can find and access it easily across an array of platforms.

This is where the second point of local SEO service comes in: setting up a client’s citation. This citation, or signature, includes the business name, address and telephone number (referred to as the NAP). Sometimes the citation involves descriptive terms necessary for tagging a business description. These citations are situated as markups in places where they would serve the most benefit to the entity for which they serve as reference. The NAP works as a code that responds to any of a series of key words entered into a search engine and then connects people to a desired website through a local listing. Without a citation in place, online entities would have a hard time reaching the public.

Reviews collectively comprise the third point of local SEO. Every business must have reviews—preferably positive ones—for others to read. These reviews not only offer ongoing publicity but also insight into business practices that assist others in their research. Reviews also allow businesses to improve on apparent weaknesses so they may grow and develop. This is why entrepreneurs are expected to encourage their customers to leave feedback. Reviews are the single most important factor in a business’s success because the voices of experience draw the attention of other would-be customers who are constantly looking for inside information to help them make business decisions. Without reviews, searchers are left in the dark and do not know what to expect.

The last important consideration is cost. Many entrepreneurs, especially those who are just starting out, work on a tight budget. Local SEO agencies offer three basic models of payment: Monthly Retainer, Contract and Project-Based service. Hourly Consultation is not really a model, although it is recommended for anyone who needs to determine the right setup for her or his particular venture. The first, Monthly Retainer, or a fixed sum to be paid ever month, is the most common because it offers a consistent and manageable expense. The Contract and Project-Based options allude to customized services and are costlier because more is involved. Below is a price listing for a typical local SEO agency:

Payment Model/Services–>Cost Range

1) Monthly Retainer $700-1,500/month

2) Contract Services/Entry Point: Varies
* Contract – SEO Copywriting: $0.13-0.50/word
* Contract — Site Content Audit: $500-7,500
* Contract – Link Profile Audit: $500-7,500
* Contract –Social Media Setup: $500-3,000

3) Project Services: Varies
* Project – Basic SEO: $600-2,000
* Project – Detailed SEO: $3,000-20,000

4) Hourly Consultations: $100-200/hour

These prices are significant in light of the fact that national SEO agencies usually start at $10,000 a month and charge up to $100,000 for a full spectrum of services. Anyone with a fixed budget is advised to go the local SEO route.

In Conclusion

Local SEO agencies have a bit to offer in addition to the typical services and at a reduced cost because their overhead is lower than those of national or international firms. Still, anyone who wants to project a professional image should place importance on the end result, even if it means paying more. Quality supersedes cost every time!