Why You Need a Law Firm Website Local SEO Audit

Written by: Jason Bayless | March 27, 2018

This guide is for those wishing to learn the reasons why a local SEO audit will help your law firm’s online site. This guide will also help you read about the benefits that a local SEO audit will provide. Remember, a local SEO audit is one of the tools of the SEO-marketing combination. With a local SEO audit, the content of your website will then be optimized and used to increase the traffic to the site and to generate leads.

The theory of the long tail explains that the more you work on a generic term, the more it can potentially generate visits. On the other hand, the competition for generic phrases is very high. By definition, SEO usually consists of creating and configuring online sites to attract a defined audience on the one hand and to develop customer acquisition on the other hand.

The SEO market has considerably grown in the last few years. Therefore, SEO is attracting keen interest from law firms. Similarly, we should learn to be uncompromising on quality control for our SEO and devote a lot of time to the analysis of trends. To provide an example, the last year was full of ads on the Google search engine, and SEO trends naturally arise from these ads.

These aspects make sense today where patience is an indispensable virtue of SEO. Also, the searches of users have, over time, created problems that are found systematically when working with a law firm who wants a local SEO audit. To provide an example, if a law firm prospect wants to be very well positioned in the engines, then they should want to be in first place whenever a prospective client searches for local law firms.

Today, web pages that arrive in the 1st position in Google are usually between 700 and 1900 words, as shown by some studies of SEO trends. One other interesting point from the reviews of SEO trends is that we can see that the longer a web page is, the more it is shared on social networks. First of all, you should analyze your top three competitors on a SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

A simple search on your target keywords will give you a list of your competitors. To provide an example, we would go to a search engine, we would then type the main keyword targeted by our future content, then we can see a set of results appear, and in particular, we should pay attention to the first three, as these correspond to our main three SEO competitors. We should then analyze the number of words used by each competitor, to define the right amount of words for our content. Remember, bringing visitors to a site without offering relevance will not help you get clients.

The regular updating of your website is an essential criterion of positioning in the search engines. The ROI of a site will then be better (as it would provide more SEO traffic per year). Look at the SEO keywords you are targeting by using a local SEO audit for your law firm. Then, learn what is necessary to achieve the type of performance you want from your SEO. Remember, Google will not hesitate to punish you if you do not respect its rules.

A few points must, therefore, be verified and validated to optimize the referencing of your site. Even before the creation of the first page, start by doing some studies of keywords, an analysis of the competition and look at the evolution of your local market. To promote your local SEO on the web, Google, to name just one search engine, strongly urges web players to consider all these criteria.