Winning at Local SEO

Written by: Jason Bayless | February 27, 2016

Enhancing the effectiveness of your local SEO efforts can have a substantial impact. A few tips and the right techniques can improve your ability to attract new customers, build and maintain brand recognition and increase sales revenue. Every business wants to be the top ranked return for an online search, but ineffective techniques and outdated methods could be limiting the level and quality of your results.

Simple tips that will allow you to obtain positive online reviews, enjoy increased site traffic and obtain a more prominent standing with search engine returns can make winning at local SEO a much easier undertaking. Optimizing your website, adopting the right link-building strategy and encouraging customers and clients to post positive reviews can all make an important difference.

Mobile Website Optimization

Consumers are relying on their smartphones and tablets in greater numbers than ever before to locate retailers and service providers. As many as 80 percent of mobile searches convert to sales. Failing to optimize your website for mobile traffic is no longer an oversight that businesses can afford to overlook. Ensuring that mobile visitors are provided with an attractive, well designed and professional mobile site is critical when it comes to making the right first impression and building the level of brand recognition your business needs to enjoy greater success.

Ensuring Accurate and Up to Date Listing Information Across Multiple Platforms

One of the most effective ways to improve the results of your local SEO efforts is to provide consistent and up to date information across multiple third-party sources and service providers. Outdated listing information can decrease site traffic, inconvenience potential customers and leave your business looking less than professional. Maintaining multiple listings enhances the prominence of your organisation, ensures your business is less likely to go overlooked and can serve to improve the inbound links and site traffic your business needs.

Link-Building Strategies

Sharing links with other websites plays a key role in increasing your SEO visibility. An effective link-building strategy can also enhance your brand by providing you with the credibility and authenticity that your competitors may lack. Tips for crafting the right strategy include:

  • Sharing links through social media sites
  • Including links on blog posts, newsletters and e-mails
  • Hosting or participating in local community events that may raise your visibility

Always verify the authentic of any links you share to ensure their relevance and reputation. Link-building schemes and outdated SEO methods could have a negative impact on your overall efforts.

Encourage Customers to Leave Feedback and Reviews

Positive user reviews are often a key asset in ensuring greater visibility within local search results. Encouraging your customers and clientele to post feedback, leave reviews or rate your business on third-party sites can make a big difference in terms of your search engine rankings. Tips for encouraging customer participation can include:

  • Providing customers with a number of sites to post their reviews and feeback
  • Responding to reviews quickly and professionally
  • Reminding customers to leave a review at the end of a transaction

Taking Advantage of Social Media

An active social media presence allows businesses to interact with a larger audience and may play a key role in attracting and acquiring new customers. In addition to improving site traffic and search rankings posting regularly on multiple social media sites and interacting with existing customers allows businesses to take a more active role in shaping their brand and image. From commenting on topical local events to sharing information regarding promotional opportunities, businesses that a proactive approach to social media are far more likely to find themselves winning at local SEO.