Writing Great Local Content That Deserves A Rank

Written by: Jason Bayless | November 08, 2016

By now you know that the key to a high ranking in the search engines is excellent content. Gone are the days where keyword stuffing would get you where you needed to be. These days, you must have content that is well thought out and well written for the search engine to endorsed your page. So, how does one write a great piece that is worthy of a high ranking?

Finding The Right Topic

First, you must choose your topic. A good topic helps to provide inspiration for the rest of the article. Many people will decide if they will read the article or not based on the topic. Search the internet and see what others are writing on the subject. You want your article to be different in some way. Brainstorm some thoughts that you want to incorporate into the piece. Also, make sure that your article speaks directly to the consumer and not in a third person formal view. Blogging is about that personal touch, not talking in generalities.

Open With A Thought Provoking First Line

Your first line is one of the most important parts of the article. You want to engage the customer. Remember, you will be speaking right to them. A question is always a great way to get their attention. Using a joke or “one-liner” is not a bad move either. The goal is simply to draw them into the piece and make sure that people want to keep reading. A lackluster line won’t rank you high or bring in traffic.

Stay On Point

Your article may be one of 3-4 that a person scans. You want to make sure you provide good information, and you need to stay on point. Articles that ramble on about various topics are not well written. Go back to the title for inspiration, and try to stay on point.

Break Up The Wall of Text

Everyone is in a mad dash these days. If your article appears as one huge wall of text, you are likely to have few readers. Since most people scan an article for the information they need, use bullet points, headers, and pictures to break up the article. People are busy. Even if they think your article is the best they have ever read, they are probably not going to read it word for word. So, accommodating the busy person, make you article scan-worthy. Clearly, define each section and topic and use HTML to make your subheadings stand out. Setting up your article in sections is a visual trick that works.

Always Have An Appropriate Closing

Never leave an article in the middle of a thought. Always make sure to have an appropriate ending that finishes your thoughts. If you are trying to promote a service, use a call to action to end the piece. You want to make sure that your customer feels like there is a conclusion and they are not left hanging. If you want to sell a service, reserve that for the end of the piece. Remember, information first and then offer your services in the closing.

Other Things To Remember

When writing an article, don’t overthink it. Good articles stay on point and are short and sweet. The average blog post should be around 400-600 words. If you are going much over the 600 mark, you are creating big pieces that won’t be read entirely anyway. Engage the customer with things they want to hear. Don’t overthink the SEO. Sure, you need to add a meta description, title tag, and a few keywords, but you want to make sure that the content is good. If you have good content, you will get a good rank.